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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Protector MZ Bivvy 1 Man

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Protector MZ Bivvy 1 Man

If you are in for a long carping session, and need some shelter from the unpredictable British weather, whether it is a drizzle of rain, strong winds or some shade from the sunshine, then maybe a bivvy is a worthwhile investment for you.

And why not save some money in the process of weighing out the hundreds of bivvy options and brands out there? The Advanta brand designs and manufactures key products to enhance your angling experience at an affordable cost.

We, here at Angling Direct, are loving Advanta's new brilliant value bivvy. Adding to the expanding range of bivvys that Advanta already has to offer, the latest Protector MZ Bivvy comes with maximized internal space, but with a compact footprint, meaning your bivvy will not be taking up too much floor space once set up. Perfect for those tight-knit swims, making you fit for a great session of carp fishing.

The Advanta Protector is not restrictive of its interior capacity. The entire bivvy measures as 135cm height, 270cm width and 230cm depth, meaning it is perfect to place near to the bank at your swim, and large enough for you to store your bedchair, luggage and other gear throughout the day. You can be confident that there is tonnes of space for you and your kit. The flooring is finished as a tough and lightweight groundsheet material with velcro-in attachments and built-in location tags for easy fitting.

Improving on its previous structure, the MZ Bivvy is made from 5000 hydraulic head, 150D polyester and with reinforced taped seams, making this a fully waterproof shelter. You can certainly notice the disparity in the much stronger and easily constructed frame. The MZ comes supplied with in-line tension poles, which will provide stability even in strong winds, and are perfect for more exposed areas around the bank. This is thanks to the two pole, 16 metre aluminium frame, that is joined with just three joints for quick and easy construction. So if it is pouring it down you can be assured this is a quick job in both assemble and disassemble.

Security is reassured with the improved feature of reinforced pegging points. This prevents the tears that may come from pegging in tough terrain and high tension pegging. Advanta has also generously supplied the bivvy with heavy duty T-pegs that not only save you an additional cost, but are perfect for all kinds of hard ground, whilst still remaining robust when removing back from the terrain. The pegs, alongside with the reinforced pegging points will help keep the bivvy pinned at a high tension.


Unlike some other bivvys on the market, the Advanta Protector version features roll-back front panels. This leaves you with several options of having the full bivvy secluded from the breeze, partially open or completely tied back to welcome in the summer air. These panels are easily zipped open or close and the tied back with elastic and a toggle, securely retaining them back without fuss. In addition to the section choice, Advanta also supplies this bivvy with two door panel options: an opaque green or mozzie mesh, that keeps the breeze in but nasty bug pests out.

The MZ bivvy comes complete with an oversized carry case which makes packing away a lot easier and less stressful. The extra space leaves plenty of room for any other accessories that you may have with you too. For convenience, the carry case has slightly longer handles for comfort in transportation and a tog to secure the case shut. Once packed in the carry case, the whole, the total package weighs in at a reasonably light 6.7kg.

Advanta has also kindly supplied has an optional extra, the Protector MZ Bivvy, 1 man Wrap. This has been designed to eradicate condensation and increases the depth of the floor space by an additional 25 cm. Like the bivvy, this is also manufactured from a 150D polyester, and 5000HH so water resistance is enhanced.

Again this wrap includes heavy-duty T-pegs for the front pegging points and reinforced pegging points to prevent tears from the tension. The rest of the wrap (the side and rear) can be secured using the same t-pegs of the bivvy, saving both times in removal and weight in the transportation. This wrap weighs in at 2.5kg, meaning both bivvy and wrap combined is 9.2kg. Not too excessive in comparison to some of the heavier 15kg bivvys out there.

Nonetheless, this edition of bivvy, is roomy, easy to set up and at a low price with practicality at its heart.

Buy the Advanta Protector MZ Bivvy 1 Man here

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