Advanta Protector MZ Recliner Chair - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Protector MZ Recliner Chair - Advanta Thursday

For carp and specialist anglers, the waiting game for a bite at the end of the line can be a long time. You may as well wait in comfort, without breaking the bank. This is where the Advanta Protector MZ Recliner Chair comes into play.

The Advanta recliner chair from its Protector MZ range is a lightweight seat for you to position in the comfiest option for your height, back and preferences. Whether you are by yourself or joined by a mate at the bank, the chair gives you a comfy place to perch as you stick the kettle on and enjoy a well-earned brew break.


Key Features of the Advanta Protector MZ Recliner Chair

  • Fantastic value feature packed reclining chair

  • Super durable steel frame

  • Fully padded mattress

  • Very easy to adjust and secure reclining mechanism

  • Four individually height-adjustable legs

  • Push n Lock Leg Mechanisms for total stability and ease of use

  • Captive Leg System (the inner part of the leg cant become detached)

  • Grip-Hold Leg System (locks the leg system against the frame when in use)

  • Level-Find Mud Feet

  • Dimensions: Front 32-43cm / Rear 29-39cm H x 49cm W x 51cm D

  • Weight: 5.4kg

One of the problems you can be presented with whilst on the bank is stability, locating level ground can be problematic, All four legs are height adjustable, utilising a Push n Lock system for complete stability, the leg system is also captive meaning the leg inners cannot drop out. When in use the legs lock against the frame, the Grip-Hold system offers greater stability, combatting the most unaccommodating of bankside slopes. To help grip the uneven terrain, Advanta has added mud feet that are too adjustable to adapt to the ground.

The Advanta Protector MZ Recliner Chair folds down to a compact size, allowing you to store it under your bedchair and get it out when it is needed, giving you more space on the bank. The fold-down steel frame offers great durability, the whole chair weighs in at just 5.4kg.

The chair is fully padded and the reclining back offers lumbar support to ensure you stay comfortable whilst on the bank. The back is easily adjusted and when fully reclined offers a great spot for an afternoon nap in the sun.

For a fantastic value feature packed reclining chair, Advanta is going to give you that advantage you need to bring your A-game to the bank.

For a better look at the Advanta Protector MZ Recliner Chair, watch the video below.

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