Advanta Saturday - Advanta X5 Match Oval Net

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Advanta Saturday - Advanta X5 Match Oval Net

When the pressure is on, as in the case of match fishing, the last thing you want is for any of your tackle to let you down. The Advanta X5 Match Oval Net has been designed to not only be reliable, but also has a few added features which help in those high pressure match fishing situations.

Firstly, as with any net it’s important that the mesh is of the best possible quality. The Advanta X5 Match Oval Net has a fine, soft mesh that complies with all current fish care standards. This ensures that the mesh doesn’t remove the protective mucus layer of the fish. The mesh is also extra supportive, which is a real bonus when unhooking fish and transferring them from your landing net into your keep net.

The Advanta X5 Match Oval Net is coupled with a heavy duty spreader block, which can even be used to weigh fish from. The spreader block is finished with a universal thread screw, which ensures you can attach it to almost any landing net handle. This can save you valuable time, especially if you are fishing the long pole to hand, and attach it to a long landing net pole.


The unique feature to the Advanta X5 Match Oval Net is it has a touch responsive, glowing frame. This allows you optimum vision of your net whilst netting fish in low light levels. This can be the difference to landing that last minute, match winning fish and losing it. This is also very handy if you fancy fishing an evening session, or carrying on your day’s angling after the match has finished.

The Advanta X5 Match Oval Net is available in two sizes. The smaller “medium’ size is perfect for silver and other smaller coarse species, whereas the large size is perfect for out and out carp match fish. This differentiation not only allows for the match anglers’ personal choice, but also to have both nets available to cover matches on a variety of different venues.

If you are looking for a great, cost effective and top performing landing net with added features, and fish care at the forefront of its design, look no further than the Advanta X5 Match Oval Net.

Key Features - Comes in two sizes - Medium and large - Both are strong nets for GP commercial work - Larger net is ideal for larger carp - Torch responsive glow in the dark frame guide - Designed for easy netting in the dark - Also features fine deep mesh and spreader block - Can attach to any landing net pole or bankstick

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