Endurance Uni-Extended Overwrap 1 Man - Advanta Saturday

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Endurance Uni-Extended Overwrap 1 Man - Advanta Saturday

The Advanta brand was launched in 2011, with the need to develop a range of simple core products that were not always available year-round to anglers. Advanta spans a number of angling disciplines, focusing predominantly on Carp, Coarse and Match and Predator fishing. The Advanta Endurance range is focused on anglers that surpass their limits and push tackle the further when fishing for monstrous carp or specialist breeds of fish.

The Advanta Endurance Uni-Extended Overwrap is designed to universal fit most one man, pram-hood design, bivvies. Most bivvies on the market are sold alongside the fitted overwrap but this is not also within the bivvy budget or created by the company at all. Advanta offers those that are perhaps cost wary or anglers without the branded wrap option an overwrap what is both effective and light on the wallet.

It is a great idea to invest in an overwrap for your bivvy or shelter as it dramatically increases the internal front space of your bivvy which is perfect for long sessions or creating room for two bedchairs when on a social trip. The overwrap also benefits your over-night set up for retaining warmth whilst eradicating condensation. A build-up of condensation inside a bivvy is never good as it can create problems for the materials later on such as mould growth and corrosion!

The Advanta overwrap has three height setting pegging points so you can tailor to your bivvy as well as elasticated tensioners which provides the versatility for the overwrap to fit nearly all one man, pram hood design, bivvies. The front hoop pole is manufactured from rigid 16mm 6061 aluminium and the overwrap is supplied with four, adjustable, in-line tension poles to suit different bivvy designs.

The Advanta Endurance overwrap is made from 5000HH, 210D polyester with taped seams, ensuring a waterproof material so there are no sudden leads of water during your sleep. To assist in a warmer climate, the overwrap features roll-back front panels with buckle retainers as well as the option of a 2-Way letterbox style door system. This is great for sitting in your fishing chair inside the bivvy and looking out at your swim whilst letting less wind and debris from the bank into the shelter. Fully open, you can welcome in the cool air to make the summer fishing all the more enjoyable.

The overwrap comes with three-door panel options: green, clear or mozzi. The green is the opaque option that keeps both light out and ventilation out. The clear door option again blocks ventilation but lets in all the light, like a window. The mozzi door option lets both the light in and the air but rest assures that the bugs are kept out!

The exterior of the overwrap also includes velcro rod retaining straps to connect bivvy and overwrap securely as well as a lightweight, velcro attached, groundsheet.

Of course, Advanta completes this overwrap with an oversized, zip top, heavy-duty carry case and supply is with some heavy-duty T-pegs.

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