Festival of Sleep Day: A Buying Guide for Sleeping at the Bankside

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Festival of Sleep Day: A Buying Guide for Sleeping at the Bankside

Sunday the 3rd January was the Festival of Sleep Day, which was introduced to ensure the stress…or excitement of Christmas and New Years celebrations are completely recovered from so you can start the New Year off being well-rested.

We, here at Angling Direct believe that comfort and rest is a vital aspect of angling, as an angler who is uncomfortable on the bankside is never going to be as patient as the angler who has experienced a long and comfortable night’s sleep. To celebrate this day around sleeping, we thought we’d create a guide with all things that help us anglers get shut-eye at the bankside…even if our naps are disturbed by the bite alarm!

Angling Direct has worked hard to create a comprehensive collection of all the best bedchairs, sleeping bags and pillows, to ensure that you’re time on the bank is both restful and profitable. With so much choice it can be hard knowing where to start! Fear not, we are about to go through the basics.


What to Look for in a Fishing Bedchair

With thousands of angling bedchairs on the market to choose from, finding the perfect product for your own needs can be tricky, to say the least. The following are a few features to consider when purchasing a bedchair.

Bedchair Frame: Most bedchairs are manufactured from an aluminium frame as its durable, sturdy, and incredibly lightweight. This means that you can transport it to the bank with ease, whilst also being confident in its weight-bearing ability.

Hinge Points: A lot of modern bedchairs will have dual hinge points. These allow the fold to be expanded to accommodate a sleeping bag and angling pillow when folded.

Bedchair Legs: Important for sturdiness, you’ll find most bedchairs with six legs, one at the head section, your torso, and your thighs. You might also find some of the bedchairs in our range have eight legs for increased stability and are ideal for anglers who regularly target swims with questionable terrain and you want a little more security in your bedchair. Also check whether or not the legs are height adjustable as there is nothing worse than sleeping at an odd angle!

Swivel Feet:  Another important factor in bedchair stability, swivel feet or sometimes known as mud feet, can be angled and pivot to provide you with a completely flat base – essential if your swim is especially uneven.

Bedchair Mattress: The padding material of a bedchair mattress can vary from traditional foam right through to advanced memory foam. If you’re someone who enjoys quick overnighters and is going to spend as much time sitting on your bedchair as you do sleeping on it, then a traditional foam mattress is likely to be more than adequate for your needs. If you’re headed to the continent for long sessions, where you’ll be taking a separate day chair along with you, then you might be more interested in a memory foam mattress that is fully supportive.

Bedchair Material: Many of the bedchair mattresses we stock will have a peach skin or soft-touch finish. You might also find that your mattress has a fleece finish. This is excellent if you’re someone who fishes year-round.

Welly/ Boot Sections: Based at the foot end of the bed, these are usually manufactured from a wipe clean material, such as nylon, and are ideal for the angler who likes to relax on the bank but who doesn’t want to run the risk of becoming flustered with footwear when their bite alarm cries.

Size: Most of the bedchairs we stock will come in a ‘standard’ width (which, of course, changes from manufacturer to manufacturer). These tend to be more than wide enough for the average angler. We also stock ‘wide boy’ bedchairs. These offer a precious few inches of additional width, which is ideal if you’re an angler on the more robust side of the spectrum. A wide boy bedchair is also ideal on your longer carp fishing sessions when you want to be as comfortable as possible.

TOP TIP: Consider if your chosen bedchair will fit in your bivvy or shelter!

Flat-lying or Reclining: As a general rule of thumb, the flatter your bedchair can go the better night’s sleep you’re going to get. Most of the bedchairs in our range will be completely flat-lying, although some will offer a recline style that allows you to prop the head section up.

Top 3 Angling Bedchairs

The following are some of our Best-Selling Bedchairs, click the name to find out more about them!

  1. Fox R2 Camo Bedchair 
  2. Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed
  3. Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Memory Foam Bedchair



What to look for in a Sleeping Bag for Fishing

Whether you are an avid angler who spends harsh winter nights on the swim or you’re a fair-weather angler who only does the odd summer overnighter, there are a few features of a sleeping bag to consider to ensure maximum comfort at the bank.

Season Ratings: Sleeping bags are ranked from the lowest (one) to the highest (five), with high 4 and 5’s being best suited for the winter months for their supreme insulation. Three-season sleeping bags are ideal for early spring or late autumn and 2’s and 1 seasons are for the warmer occasions at the  bank.

Insulation Types: The thicker the insulation is the better heat retention the sleeping bag can offer and the better it will perform in cold weather conditions. However, with continued advances in modern technology, this isn’t always the case and not all synthetic fibres are created equal.

Sleeping Bag Zips: If you’ve got a sleeping bag with low-quality zips then chances are you’re going to struggle should you need to quickly respond to a screaming bite alarm in the middle of the night. Two-way zips are ideal for the dedicated carp angler, as they allow you to open the bag from the inside or outside with equal ease, also consider the amount of heat retention the zip offers.

Sleeping Bag Lining: In many anglers’ eyes, the internal material, or lining, is much more important than the external of a sleeping bag. A polyester lining, as this is versatile and hard-wearing, a fleece lining which is exceptionally good at retaining heat in ultra-cold conditions and peach skin finish linings is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin.

Waterproof: If you’re someone who enjoys quick overnighters in open-fronted brolly or bivvy systems then you might favour a waterproof sleeping bag – just in case the wind turns and blows rain back into the recesses of your bivvy.

Bedchair Attachments: Some fishing sleeping bags come with either elasticated straps which attach around the bedchair or hoods which fit over either end of the bedchair. Both are designed to hold your sleeping bag onto your bed, ensuring that you and your sleeping bag don’t slip from the bedchair in the night.

Top 3 Fishing Sleeping Bags

The following are some of our Best-Selling sleeping bags, click the name to find out more about them!

  1. Trakker Big Snooze Plus Sleeping Bag 
  2. Advanta Discovery CX5 5 Season Sleeping Bag 
  3. Snugpak Techlite Compact Sleeping Bag DPM



Do Not Forget your Fishing Pillow!

Some of the sleeping bags we stock will come with their own pillows and, similarly, some of the bedchairs we stock will come with in-built pillow sections. However, many anglers still prefer to invest in their own pillow as it allows them to position it precisely for their needs.

At Angling Direct, our angling pillows are usually smaller than traditional pillows, as this ensures that they fit perfectly on your bedchair and are not at risk of slipping off in the night. Aside from peach skin fabric covers, we also stock carp shapes pillows from the Gaby Fish Pillow section that can certainly make it more comfortable in a tired fishing chair.

In addition to bedchairs, sleeping bags and pillows, check out bedchair accessories and other bivvy accessories to get your home away from home and comfortable and cosy and possible for future fishing trips!

For more guides, tips and tricks, check out the AD Blog or video tutorials over on ADTV!

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