How To Tie A Simple Surface Fishing Rig – Carp Fishing Quickbite

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How To Tie A Simple Surface Fishing Rig – Carp Fishing Quickbite

Surface fishing is a top tactic for carp anglers in the summer months as fish are drawn closer to the surface of the water for oxygen and that sunshine. For that reason a popular rig in today's carp fishing scene, especially when fishing for big carp on warmer days, the surface fishing rig can really help when fishing the top in just a few feet of water. In this AD Quickbite tutorial, we go through step by step how to tie a simple surface fishing rig. 

What Do I Need To Tie A Surface Fishing Rig?


How-To Tie A Simple Surface Fishing Rig


1). Start by taking your bubble float and scissors 

2). Thread your float onto your mainline 

3). Next, attach your swivel and pull it into your bubble float 

4). Select your hooklink 

5). Trim off 3ft and tie a small hair loop 

6). Select your hook

7). Thread onto your hooklink and secure using a knotless knot 

8). Select your anti-tangle sleeve 

9). Thread the anti-tangle sleeve onto your hooklink before tying a figure of 8 loop knot, then attach a quick change swivel

10). Attach to your bubble float 

11). Select your hookbait and needle

12). Trim down a pop up boilie so that it fits very tightly to the hair rig.

13). Attach to your hair 

14). Finally, fill your bubble float with lake water 


You're now ready to fish! 


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