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Jiggin’ for a Biggun!

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Jiggin’ for a Biggun!

Over the last few weeks Matt and I have recently discovered our love for jig fishing after those wily summer perch. Armed with our Sonik Light Tec 6ft spinning gear, 1-8g and boxes full of jigs, we have been hitting the rivers as much as possible – weekends, evenings after work, the lot. The perch are in abundance at the moment and they are striking and plucking at the jigs like mad!

Above one of the slightly large perch we have had this year to date. We have managed a lot of smaller perch also. 
Perch are very greedy and will happily hit a jig on its way past.

Jigging-2 The great thing about jigging is the possibilities of what you can catch are endless. Below is a nice rudd I had this year, which was a big surprise to Matt and me. I have also managed trout and pike using jigs, too.


Jigs and soft bodied lures come in all different shapes and sizes. This makes jigging an easy sport for anybody to get into. It is a light method and easy to transport and great fun for a few hours after work.

A selection of equipment from lemon tigers to micro fry worms and jig heads.

We always take a large enough net in case we manage to hook a pike! I loaded up my rods with yellow braid, as it offers much better for bite indication and it’s easier to see, too.


Matt scouted the edges and boats looking for that illusive perch! Picking the right spot is fairly easy as perch are predatory. They like to hide in overhangs and under boats waiting to ambush their next meal.

We’re looking forward to the winter perch fishing and we’re hopeful for a few big perch. After all, it’s early days and there is still plenty of time for a 'biggun' yet!

Hopefully see you on the bank sometime soon,

Dan & Matt

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