JRC Defender Compact Carryall - Product Spotlight

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JRC Defender Compact Carryall - Product Spotlight

With a roomy main compartment and three large external storage pockets, this carryall isn't as compact as its name suggests!

Perfect for an overnight on the bank, durable enough to survive every borrowing-to-the-bankside eventuality, and fully water-resistant, so that, no matter what the weather does, or how damp the bankside ground is when you arrive, or becomes during your session, you can rest assured that, even if your bivvy doesn't have a groundsheet, your clothing and accessories will be kept safe and dry however long you're out.


Key Features of the Compact Carryall

  • Hard-wearing and water-resistant

  • 500D green polyester construction

  • Three large-capacity external pockets

  • Designed to accept the Defender luggage pouches/bags

  • Roomy main compartment

  • Double zipped pockets and main compartment

  • Non-slip, adjustable and padded shoulder strap

  • Webbing carry handles

  • Reinforced water-resistant base

  • Compact Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm x 29cm


Made from heavy-duty, hard-wearing 500D polyester, the carryall is perfect for the dedicated weekend angler and ideally suited to getting all your carp fishing kit, along with any accessories you might need, including Defender range tackle boxes, to your chosen venue and swim without any incident whatsoever.

A non-slip, adjustable, padded shoulder strap and webbing carry handles make the holdall easy to lift into and out of the boot, or onto and off a barrow, while the reinforced, water-resistant base gives you the flexibility to drop your carryall right beside you on the bank without worrying about damp seeping through and getting to your gear.

This holdall is designed to provide the perfect fit for the JRC Defender range of tackle pouches and bags, giving you the opportunity to create a seamless style for your bankside life, without breaking the bank or compromising on performance, reliability, and strength.

JRC is an angling brand through and through, bringing passion and commitment to tackle and accessory design, and ensuring you always have the perfect, high-performance, reliable tackle and equipment to complement your bankside lifestyle and piscatorial ambitions.

Whether you're fishing a grass bank after heavy rain, or a gravelly, water-washed swim, the JRC Compact Carryall, as with all JRC luggage, is designed and tested for maximum performance, ultimate style, complete durability, and all-round satisfaction.

You're a dedicated carp angler, and JRC is a dedicated carp brand: you're made for each other, and the Defender luggage is made for your lifestyle.

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