Matrix 3D Seatbox Accessories

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Matrix 3D Seatbox Accessories

Matrix 3D Seatbox Accessories

Get Your Legs Out! One attachment… three leg sizes? It can only be the latest 3D seatbox accessories from Matrix!

There has been a call for universal seatbox accessories for years and when the likes of Matrix's brand manager, Ricky Teale, applies his thoughts into a design of such a product, you know that it’s going to be faultless!

Whole arrays of seatbox accessories are available within the 3D range, which fit 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round seatbox legs!

The system is incredibly trouble-free and expertly designed; incorporating removable inserts that clip inside the main 36mm connection. Each attachment features Matrix's unique snag-free adjustment knuckle. This prevents line becoming wrapped around the wheel when you’re filling up a pole pot, or making rig adjustments – come on, you've all done it! The tightening wheel is easy to grip with wet or cold hands and it’s virtually impossible to over tighten the non-marking system onto your legs.

The Keepnet Arm is available in 9cm and 28cm lengths. Also available are 90-degree cross arms in 12cm and 22cm sizes. This attachment can be used for a raised keepnet position and is ideal for holding a butt rest, pole sock or tulip clip.

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Not dissimilar to the cross arms are the Protector Bars, available in single and double-headed versions in 24cm and 40cm sizes. These feature EVA foam fitted around the bars for pole and rod protection. On the double-headed version, both heads have a screw thread to take accessories. This makes the perfect attachment to hold two pole socks when fishing various lengths of pole.

There is also a Groundbait Bowl and Hoop available in round and square formats. These feature zipped lids and are ideal for keeping bait out of the elements.

The ultra-versatile Pole Support is perfect when you’re looking to nail a bait static using the pole. This is covered with ribbed EVA protection and folds away neatly for transportation. A real eye-opening attachment is the Brolly Bracket. People regularly complain about them being unstable and Matrix has certainly solved this issue! It ensures the utmost stability thanks to a twin support bar, stabilizing the strain of a brolly over a bigger area of the box leg. It is available in a long and short version, enabling you to fish freely with a pole under a brolly, no matter what! If you're looking to get kitted out with some new box accessories, you'll not go far wrong with the Matrix 3D range!

Matrix 3D Seatbox Accessories 3D Brolly Bracket 3D Folding Pole Support 3D Groundbait Bowl & Hoop 3D Protector Bars 3D Cross Arm: Short 3D Keepnet Arm: Short

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