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New From Nash Tackle...

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New From Nash Tackle...

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Tungsten Liquid, a groundbait that creates underwater noise and the world's strongest braid - yeah, Nash have been busy!


Nash Spot On Line Marker

New Spot On allows you to mark your main line in seconds without the hassle of knots, elastic or tape which, for anyone who’s ever used those will know, they can very easily catch on the rings or spool.

Once dry the liquid has dried, it won’t slip or move, it casts effortlessly and sits unobtrusively on the spool and come the end of the session it can simply be peeled off. Supplied in orange, blue, green and purple.

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Nash Cling-On Tungsten Liquid

It would appear that Nash is getting very serious in the world of end tackle if this offering is anything to go by. The fast drying Liquid Tungsten can be applied to hooks, shot, links, leaders, main lines – basically anything and that, CARPologists, means a world of previously impossibilities is now possible when it comes to end tackle refinement. It dries in less than a minute, comes in a lovely camo matt green finish to blend in with any background and each brushed aluminium bottle contains 16ml of the heavy stuff.

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Nash Bug Life Mix

Nashy’s drive to get everyone on Zigs certainly isn’t dying out if this clever mix is anything to go. Evolved to complement their Zig Bugs, this mix actively disperses dried insects and powerful attractors throughout the water column to produce a three dimensional feeding area.

To add even more oomph to the mix, there’s a dedicated PVA friendly liquid called Bug Life Juice which is designed to create underwater noise to send a feeding signal to carp in the area.

Activated when mixed with water and dry feed, the sound from Bug Life Juice is said to draw carp to your rig, producing bursts of sound for up to 30 minutes following mixing. It’s pretty damn clever stuff.

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Nash 30mm & 60mm Ball Makers

Nash didn’t have to look to far for the inspiration behind their new Ball Makers. They simply took the best bits from latest year’s model and added a slot which allows you to mould bait directly around your hookbaits and leads. How awesome is that? Aside from giving two fingers to PVA (no fiddling, no expense), this new system opens up a whole new world of bait presentations – and it’s so easy to use: fill the large cup with bait until half full. Slide your link material or main line down the slot, positioning the hookbait or lead in the mould. Cover with more feed, insert the small cup and push here before pushing the release button on the base.

Get one quick and cash in on this summer’s biggest (and cheapest) edge – which thinking about it could work awesomely well with Nash bait’s new Buglife Mix.

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Nash Spot On Stix

If hitting your mark with pinpoint accuracy but minimum disturbance is your thing (why wouldn’t it be?), then you could to a lot worse than check out Nashy’s new Spot On Stix which launch this month. Inside the tough carry bag are two tough marker ‘Stix’, a 12ft length of heavy-duty measuring tape (featuring eyelets) so you can space the sticks the correct distance apart and a T Bar which allows the sticks to be twisted into tough ground and also doubles as a neat holding peg for your end tackle when starting to measure your lines.

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Nash Clingers Diffusion Camo & Tungsten

A proper tackle box must have: Clingers, in essence, are multi purpose sliding rig stops which can be used on mono, braid or fluoro main lines and all hooklink materials. They’re great for keeping double baits together, trapping controllers or floats or for mounding putty around. Available in Small, medium and large.

These work in exactly the same way as the Diffusion Clingers but will properly nail hooklinks to the lakebed thanks to being pumped full of tungsten. They have unlimited uses, from counterbalancing pop-ups to trapping Naked Choddies.

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Nash Armourlink

Looking for the strongest, fastest sinking, heaviest braided hooklink ever? Then meet Armourlink which is made from heavy sintered HD plus fibres that are then blended in Dyneema to create a supple link material that sinks three times faster than fluorocarbon. It’s also encapsulated by a unique resin to offer excellent anti-tangle properties. Available in 15, 20, 25 and 35lb in Weed, Gravel or Silt.

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Nash-Cling-On-Leader Nash Cling On Leader

More supple than leadcore; heavier than leadcore; more camouflaged than leadcore; beats fishery rules unlike leadcore. It would seem leadcore sucks when it goes head-to head against Nash Tackle new super limp Cling-On Leader. Available in Weed, Gravel and Silt finishes and comes on 20 metre per spools.

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Nash Cling On Tungsten Rig Tube

Designed specifically for those who (a) hate leadcore/lead-free leader materials (i.e. like the one above) or (b) fishery rules don’t allow any type of leader. As the name suggests, it’s got tungsten in its make-up – tons of the stuff in fact – which makes this 0.75mm internal bore tubing extremely heavy so it follows the lake bed contours.

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