Sea Fishing For Bass With Fresh Peeler Crab

Bass Fishing With Peeler Crab

Sea Fishing For Bass With Fresh Peeler Crab

For this latest episode we took the camera back to the sands of North Norfolk with the hope of catching a few spring species on fresh Peeler Crab. At this time of year Live/Fresh Peeler Crab can be a superb bait and there's very few fish that swim in the sea's around the UK that won't eat it! Now don't get me wrong using Peeler Crab doesn't entitle you to a licence to catch fish, but on the right tide and in the right conditions, it can be deadly.

Armed with a bucket of them and with conditions spot on we were very confident of a few fish, arriving at the beach an hour before high water the plan was to fish the remaning hour of the ebb and then three to four hours of the flood.


With a decent bit of surf running and a big tide things looked good, but did we catch...? Watch the video below to find out!

If you want more tips on how to bait up/use Peeler crab then why not check out our simple step by step guide, which also includes a little more back ground information on the bait and the best way to look after them. You can check it out here...

How To Fish With Live Peeler Crab

 The Tackle Box
Greys GRX-S 13ft 4-6oz Beach Rods
Penn 525 Mag II Multipliers
Ian Golds Match Tripod
Shakespeare Beta Seat Box
Shakespeare Beta Seat Box Side Trays
Daiwa Sensor Surf Mono 15lb
Drennan Greased Weasel 60lb Shockleader
Greys 3/0 Pulley Pennel Rigs
Breakaway 5oz Impact Leads
Advanta XPE Headlamp
Starlite Clip Lights

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