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Sweetcorn Fishing Tips - Rigs, Feeding, Liquidised

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Sweetcorn Fishing Tips - Rigs, Feeding, Liquidised

Sweetcorn is one of the simplest, yet most versatile baits out there. With it being available just about everywhere, the bait is accessible and you wont find yourself waiting weeks for delivery like you have to with some of the more popular boilies on the market.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of sweetcorn, Angling Direct sent Stephen ‘Widget’ Crowe down to Reepham Fisheries in Norfolk, to explain further.

As a versatile bait, sweetcorn can be used all year round, but there are certain times of the year when it is even more effective. Springtime is sweetcorn time, as the water warms fish begin to look for bigger particles to feed on, and with the added visibility of corn, it fits the bill perfectly.

Despite being a bigger particle, there is not an awful to lot sweetcorn, its mainly water, so be generous with the amount of corn you’re feeding throughout your session, a big helping to kickstart your swim is fine and can be topped up throughout the day.

Rig wise, you can keep it very simple, consider a slightly bigger hook to one that you would use for, say, maggots, but as long as you can bury the hook into the sweetcorn and expose just a little bit of the hook point, you will be fine.

One of the other benefits of corn is that it will readily soak up liquid and additives, some flavours are available off the shelf, others you will have to mix yourself.

Liquidised corn is also worth considering, especially when fed in a toss pot, the cloud of attractant can make all the difference in shallow water.


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