Tackle Tuesday... Anatec Bait Boats

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Tackle Tuesday... Anatec Bait Boats

Tackle Tuesday... Anatec Bait Boats

On the market for 15 years on the continent, the Anatec brand has truly revolutionized the approach to Carp fishing. It is now the number 1 on the RC bait boat market. To date, the brand has never ceased to evolve and now offers a wide range of boats and optional accessories to meet all the angler’s requirements.

New boats, new remotes, new colours, improved reliability and enhanced functionality, 2014 marks the unquestionable rebirth of the brand, it also marks the year that these boats are now available both in store and online, here at Angling Direct!


Originally the Anatec range consisted of three main models, however for 2014 the range is strengthened by a new model; the Pac Boat, a small boat, handy and easy to use, ideal for fast fishing.

Two versions are available, Pac Boat Graupner equipped with a remote MX10 2.4GHz and Pac Boat Start’R, enjoying the same features, but with standard equipment. Distinguished by it’s forest camo pattern, this boat is ideal for smaller budgets and looks a sure fire winner for the coming season!

With its famous ‘S’ and ‘3B’ versions, the Monocoque or Single Hull is considered the best selling Anatec range. It is used today by thousands of anglers world wide. Equipped with electronic remote Graupner MX10 and 2.4GHz, the boats now sport new colours, black and the fashionable ‘lakeside’ camo.


These colours are also available on the ultimate bait boat; the DL Catamaran!

This famous model has perfect floatation and stability, even in the most extreme conditions. Newly equipped with a remote MX16 2.4GHz at the forefront of German technology, it has contributed to the reputation of the brand for over 15 years.

In keeping with its ‘specialist’ image, Anatec boats are also available as standard or as an option with the ALF100 fish finder. This portable fish finder comes with a large screen with all the functions required to optimize your fishing and really make a difference.


History and Awareness The brand was the first to introduce the concept in 1995 with its now renowned Catamaran.

Technical Reliability The boats are equipped with the German brand Graupner electronic components and remotes. Founded in 1930, Graupner is now considered No.1 and enjoys an excellent reputation in Europe.

Practically All Anatec boats were designed for the ease of maintenance and replacing parts in mind. Thus, all internal components are easily accessible and do not require special tools for disassembly. In case of problems, replacement is easy and can be done by the angler himself. Note that all these components are standard and commonly used in the field of modelling. They are independently replaceable.


Robustness Made of ABS injected plastic, ANATEC bait boat hulls are ultra-resistant. This feature allows them to withstand accidental impact without serious damage especially when fishing in difficult conditions. The propeller is in turn protected by a guard against algae and submerged obstacles.

Versatility The Anatec range covers a wide area of use to meet the needs of all anglers.

After-sales Service There is an after sales service available to the angler with professionals to assist you. A simple phone call can identify the problem resulting in a quick solution. The brand offers a full spares service for all models including older models. Boats and their remotes are guaranteed for two years parts and labour

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