Tackle Tuesday… Aqua DPM Carp Care

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Tackle Tuesday… Aqua DPM Carp Care

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Join The DPM Army! We take a look at the simply awesome DPM range from Aqua Products. It's sure to turn some heads on the bank this season.

The British military DPM pattern has really taken off among UK carp anglers. A few years ago you would see anglers clad in the Realtree pattern but DPM has firmly taken the hot seat during the last year, with many companies selling their own take on the pattern.

Aqua products has now released its new DPM range. Featuring everything from rod sleeves and bivvies to a full carp-care roster, you can really get stuck in with the DPM theme.


The carp-care section features something for everyone, from the compact, lightweight design of the Roving mat, to the retainer sling fitted with large floats and a mesh base to improve water flow; its certainly as kind to the fish as it is on your eyes.

If you are after a standard weigh sling, Aqua has also adorned it's carp sling in camou.

As with all the products in the carp care range, the quality of the material is not lost. The high-performance Aquatexx material is durable and dries quickly and the new combi mat has also been adorned with the pattern.


The DPM is fashionable for unhooking mats, having been popularised years ago by small tackle manufacturer Nix in the noughties. Underneath the DPM you have all the top qualities of the standard combo mat with the Duratexx material, heavy padding and convenient straps for use in transit. The carp-care range is sure to be popular with anglers who want a piece of the DPM phenomenon.

The Verdict Quality Aqua materials with a trendy new pattern for the cult carper.

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