Tackle Tuesday- Carp Porter Big Boy Extreme

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Tackle Tuesday- Carp Porter Big Boy Extreme

The Power Porter Big Boy Extreme is Carp Porters most powerful barrow to date. Based around the original Big Boy Barrow, but with the addition of a precision engineered quick release drive hub, this barrow now does all the work for you.

Manufactured in the UK, by Carp Porter, who have over 25 years’ experience in this field, the new Big Boy extreme is designed to tackle the most treacherous of terrain, navigating the biggest hills with the heaviest load, thanks in part to its wide track tractor tires offering maximum stability.

Using bespoke electronics, waterproof IP68 wires and a 30:1 gear box ratio, designed for low speeds and high torque, the power porter can carry over 100kg of tackle with ease.

The large 24ah (ampere hour) battery, takes 6 hours to charge, using the bespoke charger and will offer a run time of over five hours on flat terrain. If you do forget to charge your battery or it runs out, you can simply unlock the drive wheel and push your barrow freely in the conventional way.

On the height adjustable handle of the barrow is the control, which is completely waterproof and features a battery charge check light, of red, amber and green. The barrow has a soft start and a variety of different power options, from slow walk to fast. It also has a one speed reverse setting.

The large capacity main bag is removable and fully compatible with the extensive Carp Porter luggage range

The Carp Porter Extreme Barrow also features; a locking break, for if you’re parked on a slight hill , adjustable handle, front and side bars, removable back wheels and a fold flat design.

Included with your Power Porter bundle purchase is; a Y-bar handle, side bags, lift out inner bag, a front bar and 2x bungee straps.

Finally, such is the confidence with the barrow, that Carp Porter offer a two-year guarantee.

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