Tackle Tuesday... Deeper Pro+

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Tackle Tuesday... Deeper Pro+

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THE FUTURE OF WATERCRAFT IS HERE! Remember when you used to wish that you could see where the fish actually were? Well, the Deeper Pro+ Sonar Device lets you do just that!

Since they crashed onto the carp scene, tech firm Deeper has been making serious waves. Just look at the top anglers that have assembled to help it promote and improve the Deeper fish finder: the likes of Ali Hamidi, Tom Maker, Ian Russell and Jon McAllister have incorporated their Deeper devices into their everyday angling, and they aren’t looking back!

As well as the three fish finders themselves (the Deeper 3.0, Pro and Pro+), Deeper makes a host of accessories and applications that add to the usefulness and long-term benefit of owning one of their fish finders. Aside from actually finding the carp themselves, the Deeper devices have dramatically changed the feature-finding landscape. No longer do you have to guess what your marker rod is telling you, now you can see it all, in real time, as you draw the Deeper through your swim. Still not convinced? Read on…


1.) It works with your smart phone Once you’ve bought your Deeper Pro+ there isn’t hidden expense. It works with your smartphone to relay all that amazing data, in real time, as you draw it back through the swim. Just download the Deeper app and you’re away – it even works offline, when you’re at a remote lake with no 4G.

2.) Real-time mapping Once you’re up and running, you can just simply cast your Deeper out into the area that you want to investigate and start reeling it in. The readout that you see on your phone or tablet is what’s actually out there, right under the Deeper at that moment. A few casts with one of these and you’ll have a much, much better understanding of what exactly is in your swim.

3.) Solid WiFi connectivity The Deeper produces its own WiFi signal, which you simply connect to with your phone. Once in the water, your Deeper turns itself on, and you can find and connect to its WiFi as you would your broadband service at home – you don’t need internet signal, or even phone signal to do it. The powerful signal will ensure that you can map up to around 100yds out.

4.) Precision scanning You’ll be amazed at what you can discover by running a Deeper Pro+ over your swim, and depth is no issue. The powerful sonar will work in depths of up to 260ft, which means that you’re comfortably covered for carp fishing pretty much anywhere, even in the North Sea!

5.) Amazing clarity and resolution Perhaps the most breathtaking revelation that you’ll encounter when using a Pro+ is that you can tell not only how deep the lakebed is, but what kind of bottom you’re moving over. The sonar signal can distinguish weed from gravel and silt. Softer deposits appear as different coloured areas on your phone, so you can choose to fish them, or avoid them as you see fit!


6.) GPS receiver This is where it all gets a bit clever. The Deeper Pro+ has an internal GPS receiver that enables you to create contour maps of the lake as you plot the depths of each swim you fish. A quiet day in winter and you could conceivably map the whole lake for the year ahead. That kind of info is soooo valuable when a quick move onto showing fish is on the cards!

7.) Create your own lake maps! The data that you collect via the GPS receiver can be added to an aerial view of the lake to build a comprehensive contour map. Deeper’s new data management program, Lakebook, will store all this info for you once you’ve downloaded it from your mobile onto your home computer. That means that, whatever happens to your phone, your data is safely stored and those hours of mapping can never be for nothing!

8.) It’s customisable You can change the colour of the readout on your phone, to whatever is most comfortable and easy for you to digest. Also, by tweaking the device sensitivity, you can detect only what you want to, and the Deeper won’t pick up interference from suspended particles in muddy water for instance. The guys at Deeper are constantly releasing new gadgetry and programs to upgrade your user experience, so keep your eyes peeled for more edges to come!

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