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  1. Wednesday Review- Deeper Chirp+

    Wednesday Review- Deeper Chirp+

    When fishing a new venue for the first time, it can be difficult to know which swim to choose and how to fish it, local knowledge is always beneficial, but it doesn’t provide a live feed of information. However, the Deeper Chirp+ provides you

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  2. Tackle Tuesday... Deeper Pro+

    Tackle Tuesday... Deeper Pro+

    Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… THE FUTURE OF WATERCRAFT IS HERE! Remember when you used to wish that you could see where the fish actually were? Well, the Deeper Pro+ Sonar Device lets you do just that!Since they crashed onto the carp scene, tech

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  3. Tackle Tuesday... FishSpy Underwater Camera

    Tackle Tuesday... FishSpy Underwater Camera

    Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… ‘I SPY WITH MY LITTLE… MARKER AND SMARTPHONE’I’ve heard about FishSpy, but what the hell is it? To look at, FishSpy is similar in appearance to a marker float: aerodynamic with a camo green body and a

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  4. Wednesday Review... Deeper Pro+ Feature Finder

    Wednesday Review... Deeper Pro+ Feature Finder

    Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Location: whether that’s the fish whereabouts or the most likely areas and spots in your swim to do a bite, it is one of, if not the most important elements of your fishing and it’s about to get a whole lot

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