Tackle Tuesday... Delkim Clear Slimlite Indication Set

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Tackle Tuesday... Delkim Clear Slimlite Indication Set

We take our first look at Delkim’s new illuminating indicators!

This impressive new indicator design forms part of Delkim’s exclusive range of illuminating hangers. They have a slim design and by plugging them into any Plus range Delkim, they will match the illumination pattern of the alarm’s LEDs, including flashing, latching and night marking modes. This allows you to clearly see the hanger’s position when you get any indication, without the need for isotopes.

The set consists of the SlimLite hanger, ‘C-Slot’ drag weights and the SlimCarb Stabiliser. The removable carbon stabiliser allows the angler to choose between a standard hanger and a swinging arm style indicator. The stabilisers negate any side-to-side motion caused by wind and maintain the hanger in an upright position, meaning you can easily fish super-slack lines even in windy conditions. They can also move freely along the stabilisers providing a unique ‘Tilt N Slide’ action, which means that any movements can be clearly registered.

The hanger also features a new dual-function magnetic line clip, which can be used in a free-running mode, or gripped onto the line. This magnetic system is line friendly and when the line pulls free from the clip it will remain free running on the line until the strike. Ideal!

The Verdict A versatile indicator system that is perfect for any situation.

Key Features - Fits any plus range alarm - Moulded in special high visibility light dispersing clear material - Integrated LED: Flashing, latching & night marking - No batteries required: Connects to Plus Bite alarm NiteLite socket - Dual position magnetic line clip: Self adjusting and non-twist - Stays on the line until the strike - Smooth strike release: No snatching or potential over tightening - Ideal for slack lining - CatFlex2 cable assembly: Hangs and flexes like a chain - Threaded to take C-SLOT drag weights: 3g, 5g or 10g - Use free hanging or attached to SlimCarb - Cable length: 125mm - Available in 6 colours: Blue, Green, Red, White, yellow or purple

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