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Tackle Tuesday… Korda Heli Safe System

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Tackle Tuesday… Korda Heli Safe System

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Korda Heli Safe System

Helicopter and Chod variations have soared to the most popular of Carp-rig setups in recent years but they have never been safer to fish with. As with the majority of setups, it's vital to utilise components that are compatible and work together seamlessly. Korda is one such company that produces every element of both the naked Chod and leadcore variation to create the perfect setup. From the popular Kable leadcore, splicing needles, Line Saver Beads and complete safety systems, Korda has covered every eventuality.

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The latest addition to the popular range is the Heli Safe Lead Release System. With ingenious technology, this little gem now allows the angler to fish a helicopter setup either wishing to retain the lead or safely eject it. This handy little device allows larger leads to be used in conjunction with helicopter arrangements, which has long been a restriction on the method.

Constructed around a spring-loaded mechanism, as soon as the fish is hooked and naturally swims away from from the pressure that you are applying to the main line the spring is compressed, which in turn exposes the hook and the lead simply drops off.

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Now, whether you want to retain or eject the lead will result in you using five or six elements, which are effortlessly attached to either your mainline or leader material. Each pack contains two full systems and come complete with spare springs and collars, which are by far the most fiddly of the components.

Each pack contains a series of instructions to aid in the correct assembly, making it quick and easy while ensuring fish welfare is paramount. I for one am looking to see how they perform on the bank and can't wait to try them out.

Likes Versatile.

Dislikes Bit on the heavy side.

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