Tackle Tuesday… Maver S4 UFO Seatbox

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Tackle Tuesday… Maver S4 UFO Seatbox

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Claiming a seatbox to be the 'undoubtedly the best we've ever made' is a strong statement from Maver UK. However when you feast your eyes on the S4 UFO, it's easy to see why such a claim has been made!

The design incorporates a European-patented four-leg system, and more than £150 of accessories are included in the package. These include a large side tray, keep net bracket, umbrella arm and spray bar.

Another key feature is its fully adjustable main frame. This allows you to adjust the height of the seatbox using the four supplied Allen keys. Consequently, once the height has been set, you can keep is at the same level for consistent comfort.

The box also boasts a robust hinge and clip system, prevailing breakages if the box lid is accidentally or slammed closed. The sliding cassette footplate moves freely and with the 30mm telescopic legs, you'll struggle to find another station as stable as this. The finishing touches of a spirit level and fully adjustable mud feet ensure comfort on even the trickiest of terrains.

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Available in three-drawer and two-drawer systems with double winder tray, or in a double cross-drawer configuration, you're sure to find an arrangement that suits you perfectly.On top of this, each configuration comes with a 40mm stacking cassette module with two additional 20mm winder trays complete with winders too!

Features - Four leg European-patented system - Fully adjustable frame - Anti-memory, two colour seat cushion - Pole safety strap - Four 30mm anodised telescopic legs - Two 30mm anodised telescopic accessory legs - Universal damage-resistant clip system - 40mm stacking module with lid and handle - Two 20mm winter trays with winders - Free-flow sliding cassette footplate - Large fully adjustable swivel mud feet - Heavily padded shoulder strap - Spirit levels - Three-drawer configurations available

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