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Tackle Tuesday- Nash Brute Hooks

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Tackle Tuesday- Nash Brute Hooks

Brute Strength, Straight To The Point

Part of Nash's PinPoint range of hooks, the Nash Brute Hooks offer unrivalled strength for superior performance when you're taking angling to the edge.

A 20% wire gauge increase makes these the strongest hook pattern Nash have ever produced, giving you the confidence to fish big, and fish hard. A 12 degree downturn on a straight point makes for hooks that go in hard, and hold fast for smoother retrieves and more catches on the bank. An enlarged eye allows for higher diameter hooklink material, making it the ideal hook pattern when faced with the biggest carp or the most hostile environments, and the whole hook itself is perfectly tailored for pop up or bottom bait presentations, making it an effective and versatile choice for any carp angler.

Like all hooks in the PinPoint range, the Nash Brute hooks have been designed by Marc Voosen and rival hook patterns that have been hand sharpened, giving you a longer lasting hook that will keep your fishing straightforward, successful, and enjoyable for many seasons to come.

Key Features:

. Barbed hook, available in a range of sizes

. Straight point with 20 degree downturn

. Enlarged eye

. Strongest hook pattern in the Nash range

. Part of the PinPoint range of ultra-sharp hooks

. 20% wire gauge increase

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