Tackle Tuesday- Prestige Carp Porter Navigator Puncture Proof

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Tackle Tuesday- Prestige Carp Porter Navigator Puncture Proof

Exclusive To Angling Direct, the Prestige Carp Porter Navigator Puncture Proof is built around the spacious, stable MK2 base, which includes side bars to ensure even the largest and most unwieldy luggage loads can be transported safely and securely. With the Navigator leading the way forward into the pursuit of your angling ambitions, you'll never find yourself in the frustrating position of having to stop every five minutes to retrieve a fallen carryall, while the puncture proof front wheel allows you to tackle any bankside terrain, and easily reach the swims you want to fish.

The Navigator is a new name for a new concept in barrow design. Finished with an olive paint job that will have everyone stopping to look twice, this barrow has mastered the art of understated elegance, and combined it seamlessly with total outdoor, bankside-ready angling practicality.

A front bar acts to retain your luggage load within the barrow base, and can be used to support a bedchair; placing your bedchair against this front bar maximises the space available in the barrow, allowing you to safely and securely transport your full campaign set up in one convenient and stylish trip.


The Navigator's compact design allows the barrow to be folded down to a size that fits easily in most car boots, and takes up very little space in the back of a van, making it easy to get the barrow from A to B, even if you don't have a dedicated vehicle that's only used for your angling journeys.

The rear Y bar also folds down, giving a more streamlined appearance if you don't need to make use of the Y bar for your tackle transport, while the barrow comes with with side access Barrow bag and a puncture proof front wheel, a feature that has been added, at anglers' requests, specifically for Angling Direct.

Supplied with four bungee cord attachment points, and two bungee straps, securing your tackle for a stable load is just as easy as it is with the original MK2 barrow. Standard handles and handle grips pair with the MK2 wheel, which is narrow enough to get you down hidden tracks to secluded swims, yet boasts the grip you need to keep moving through muddy, slick-wet grass, creating a forward motion that takes the strain of getting where you need to be, with everything you need to make the most of your session, off your hands, allowing you to arrive at the water's edge relaxed and ready to fish.

Finished in a choice of contemporary DPM or classic olive green, carp anglers of all persuasions will love the puncture proof practicality of this top quality barrow, which is only available at Angling Direct.

Key Features:

. Large load area

. Built on the MK2 base

. Puncture proof wheel for rough and rugged banksides

. Easy travelling

. Y bar and front brace for extra luggage support

. Available in olive green or DPM camo


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