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Tackle Tuesday- RidgeMonkey VRH300 USB Rechargeable Headtorch

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Tackle Tuesday- RidgeMonkey VRH300 USB Rechargeable Headtorch

Don't Get Left In The Dark

For winter fishing, or overnight campaigns, a headtorch is a practical essential out on the bank, allowing you to see where you're going and what you're doing, whilst keeping your hands free for reeling in, baiting up, or attending to calls of nature.

Simple and practical, we take a look at the VRH300 headtorch from RidgeMonkey, a rechargeable choice that will bring light to your angling darkness.

RidgeMonkey VRH300 USB Rechargeable Headtorch

 There can be few things more frustrating than having to stop a successful winter session just when the action’s starting to get lively in order to hunt out new batteries for your head torch. With the VRH300 USB Recharagable headtorch option from Ridgemonkey, dead batteries are one frustration you no longer have to deal with, leaving you free to focus on getting the most out of your swim, and making the most of your session.



Developed by a range of talented, experienced designers, as all RidgeMonkey products are, this head torch features dual orientation, meaning there is no upside down; however much of a hurry you’re in, you’ll always get light, right, first time. Meanwhile, the IP64 water resistant shell ensures your torch will stay bright, and provide you with the visibility you need, in even the heaviest downpour, as the shell prevents water from getting inside the torch, ensuring that it remains fully functional – not something that can be said of many products that involve small component parts!  As well as being water resistant, the rubber outer is hardwearing and durable, designed to withstand the usual run of bankside knocks and bumps, and more besides. Green light beams, used in place of the more standard red, give a stronger, brighter light, making this one of the best options on the market for winter night fishing, when the dark can be almost total in many places, with cloud making it harder for a torch beam to penetrate.


The headtorch’s front face features a four-way power display, so you’ll always know when it’s time to charge up, and will never have to face running out of power again. A 90 degree tilt, with 18 position options, ensures full visual functionality whatever you’re looking for, and however tricky the bankside conditions.



Buy your RidgeMonkey rechargeable headtorch today, and be fully prepared for those dark nights of the angling soul that will come with at least a few of your autumn and winter campaigns.

Key Features:

- USB Rechargeable - Ridged exterior for even heat transfer - 90 degree tilt - 18 position options - Durable and water resistant - Stronger, brighter light from green beams

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