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Sticky Baits Bait Spray - Tackle Tuesday

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Sticky Baits Bait Spray - Tackle Tuesday

Many anglers seem sceptical when it comes to bait sprays, believing that have never believed a quick spray of your hook bait before casting out just results in the majority of it washing off as the bait hits the water. With the Sticky Baits Spray, this is not the case.

With the Sticky Baits Spray, you just spray your baits in good time and leave it to at least soak partly into the bait, then your baits are absolutely spot-on.

This quality product comes in a small spray bottle (50ml) and is the perfect liquid booster for your hookbaits. Sticky baits suggested pairing it with your wafters, pop-ups and boilies. Spraying your hookbaits with this item could be the weapon to getting more bites, more often and if that was not enough, the product is plenty light enough to soak pop-ups for a prolonged period without affecting the buoyancy.

It is suggested that you give the baits the occasional spray and shake whilst still in the tub, resulting in a skin of added attraction on the bait, the baits look and smell fantastic - the carp certainly don’t run their ‘noses’ up at them!


More Features of the Sticky Baits Spray

  • Ideal for soaking hookbaits for prolonged periods of time

  • A much lighter alternative

  • Still pack the same punch as their thicker counterpart

  • A couple of sprays will seriously boost hookbait attraction

  • Can be used with Fake Baits

What Sticky Baits Has to Say…

"The Bait Spray range has been designed as an alternative attractor to supplement the liquids already in each range. Although we swear by our Liquid Food and Glug ranges, they aren’t ideal for soaking hookbaits for prolonged periods of time, as their dense nature can dramatically affect the buoyancy of a pop-up or wafter and render your rig mechanics useless.

Bait Sprays are a much lighter alternative, that easily absorbs into your chosen hookbait, yet still, pack the same punch as their thicker counterparts – simply grab a tub of hookbaits and give them a couple of sprays to seriously boost their attraction!"

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Top Sticky Baits Spray Flavour

For the summer season, carp anglers love the Krill flavour and the 'Signature' flavour sprays as they get those spring/ summer carp excited. The spray also works wonders in the autumn months. The signature squid flavour is another top flavoured spray that boasts the classic Squid and Octopus flavour, in harmony with other soluble fish proteins; a combination designed to trigger a strong feeding response in carp.

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