Tackle Tuesday- Trakker SLX V3 Plus Bivvy

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Tackle Tuesday- Trakker SLX V3 Plus Bivvy

Make Tracks To A Superior Shelter

The Trakker SLX V3 Plus Bivvy has now come into the third generation, which proves just how practical, popular, and enduring this shelter design is. Bigger than the SLX V3 One Man and the SLX V3 Two man, the SLX Plus Bivvy offers a high level of angling quality as well as the extra room.

Well-regarded among anglers, the V3 SLX has been upgraded to feature a 10,000mm hydrostatic head, which works to reduce condensation, as well as keeping you completely dry, no matter how wet and wild things get during your session.

An integral groundsheet, that's stitched into the bivvy itself, provides a damp proof layer, and keeps you and your kit dry and clean even when everything around you is getting soaked. Designed to give complete comfort on longer sessions, and stand up well to campaigns that stretch out for several days, the Trakker SLX V3 features a twin skin inner capsule, which is made from 210D polyester, providing additional warmth and comfort, and allowing you to store your boots, waders, and bait boxes in the space between the capsule and the main shelter.

Supplied with heavy duty ground pegs and tension straps, the Trakker SLX V3 comes in at 12.2kg, and gives you plenty of space, at 168cm x 295cm x 330cm, with the inner capsule coming in slightly smaller, as you'd expect, at 158cm x 275cm x 300cm. The bivvy packs down to an easy-to-transport 115cm x 35cm, which loads easily onto any barrow.


Fitted with handy pockets for your bite alarm receiver, and a dual zipped door that can be tied back for a panoramic view of the water when the weather's good, or fished from a letter box opening when you need to keep the rain at bay, but still want to make the most of some good fishing. With the option of switching out to the clear window (sold separately, also available from Angling Direct) on the inner capsule, and creating a custom style for your bivvy, the SLX V3 Plus from Trakker is everything the modern carp angler needs, and a great backdrop to those Instagram-ready lifestyle shots.

A peaked front ensures you won't get wet entering or leaving your bivvy, and also avoids the inconvenience of rainwater pooling just in front of the bivvy door – not nice when you're having to drop to your knees to duck in and out of your shelter, especially if you haven't got your waterproofs on yet!

Let's Wrap It Up

Winter carp anglers, and those settling in for the long haul at any time of year, will appreciate the additional protection of the Trakker SLX V3 Plus Bivvy Wrap, which is designed to add an extra layer to your SLX V3 Plus Bivvy.

Keeping you warm, dry, and condensation-free in autumn and winter, and ensuring your bivvy remains cool and breathable during the heat of summer, a bivvy wrap is a year-round addition that takes the comfort and convenience of your shelter to the next level, offering a home-from-home feel that will keep you fishing as long as the action lasts.

Coming in at 180cm x 325cm x 350cm, the Trakker SLX V3 Plus Wrap is supplied with carry bags and T-Pegs, giving you a total weight of just over 5kg. Packing down to just 65cm x 44cm, the bivvy wrap is made to the same standard as the bivvy, giving you the comfort and convenience of a true triple skin shelter, while a zipped rear vent ensures functional air flow.

Being sized slightly larger than the bivvy itself, the SLX V3 Plus Wrap creates an effective porch area at the front of your bivvy, which is ideal for storing bait, boots, and more.

Key Features: Bivvy

. 12.20kg

. 168cm x 295cm x 330cm

, Packs down to 115cm x 35cm

. Comes with inner capsule

. 210D fabric

. 10,000mm hydrostatic head

, Dual zipped door

. Convenient receiver fabric

, Integral, stitched groundsheet

, Includes pegs, tension straps, and carry bag

Key Features: Wrap

. Includes carry bag and ground pegs

. 180cm x 325cm x 350cm

. Packs down to 65cm x 44cm

. Triple skin protection

. Creates a front porch area

. Breathable, warm, and waterproof

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