Thursday Focus- Mitchell Reel Avocet Black Edition with Line

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Thursday Focus- Mitchell Reel Avocet Black Edition with Line

Free Spool systems are great for withstanding the lunge of a big fish and the Mitchell Avocet is made for landing that monster carp. With a modern fishing reel design, Mitchell has used innovation to create a spinning reel which sits well with either carp or coarse fishing and comes with many welcome features but has low price.

The light price is down to a light frame of the 5500 sized reel that boasts 2 + 1 high-performance bearings, multi-disc drag system. This system is greased felt and has a halo rotor that coarse anglers swear by for that hard-wearing nature of greased felt drag discs and smooth action when retrieving line.

For carp anglers that love a olive and black design, this reel has a that black and olive green colour scheme to contribute to low visibility of the angler on the bank.

The black anodised aluminium spool is both light as creates a long lasting reel from the demands of carp and coarse angling. As a free spool, the system aids casting and trolling fish with the line. The trolling technique involves trailing baited lines from a moving boat or slowly winding in a line with lures or bait from a stationary position.

Mitchell also provide the reel with dark line that is pre-spooled meaning you can get to fishing quicker. The 5500 spool has the capacity of 240m / 0.30mm and recovery of 0.78m per handle turn. The retrieval is made more comfortable with the soft to touch handle knob.

Access to coarse and match fishing doesn’t come with much lower prices than the Mitchell Reel Avocet Black Edition with Line spinning reel.

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