Thursday Focus- Prologic Twin Sky 2 Rod Pod

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Thursday Focus- Prologic Twin Sky 2 Rod Pod

The Prologic Twin Sky 2 Rod Pod is perhaps the most multifunctional rod pod available on the market, today. Supplied with six fully adjustable multi tilt legs and a fully adjustable chassis frame, the Prologic Twin Sky Pod is the ideal two rod setup in any angling situation. If you’re on a river session you can setup your rods with the tips in the air and utilise the rod butt cups provided with the pod, to hold your rods in position. Or if you’re spending a night or two on your favourite commercial carp venue and want your rod tips to be close to the water you can tilt the pod downwards accordingly.

Constructed from high-grade aluminium the Sky 2 is lightweight and robust. It also looks the part too, with its matte black anodised finish. High-quality cam locks hold the legs and chassis in place and will stay locked in place during a run, to further ensure the stability of the pod is a removable ground hook, allowing you to anchor the pod to the ground with a bucket or sand or rocks. However, this in not entirely necessary as the pod is strong enough on its own.

The Twin Sky 2 is supplied with a stylish deluxe padded carry case, finished in a carpy military green with subtle Prologic branding the compact carry case is ergonomically designed to fit the rod pod perfectly and for the price the go-anywhere pod and case is a fantastic deal. Once folded down and stored in the carry case the setup takes up minimal space in your bivvy, in the car and at home.

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