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Top 5 Spodding Tips

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Top 5 Spodding Tips

There are few ways of feeding over your rigs that are as effective as spodding. Whether you’re laying down a bed of particles for Mr Carp or establishing a carpet of groundbait for Mr Bream, spodding is the most effective (dare I say essential?) method to get the job done. Here are a few key tips to help you get the best from this approach:

Gear up for the test A fully-loaded Spod or Spomb can weigh up to 6oz, depending on the bait or liquids you use. Due to the forces involved in casting heavy Spods, you need to make sure your tackle is up to the test. A designated Spod or marker rod is recommended. These have higher test curves than fishing rods and will help you cast accurately over large distances. Using a Spod reel with the rod will also help because they feature high-ratio retrieve rates – for every turn of the reel, you’re able to pick up more line than conventional fishing reels. This minimises strain on your wrist over the course of a busy spodding session. Finally, a fine 20lb Spod braid coupled with a 50lb braided shock leader will give you the perfect set-up for safe spodding. Oh, and please don’t forget to use a finger stall because braid can slip, and it cuts fingers very easily. Take it from someone who has witnessed the aftermath…

Choose your weapon Before the launch of Spombs, the Spod was all that was used to deliver bait in this way. Spods still have their uses but they can be prone to spilling bait out from the back. Regardless of which bait you want to Spod, if you use a Spomb instead you can be sure you aren’t going to spill any during the delivery. If you are using liquids, then a solid Spomb definitely comes into its own.


Clip up Use the line clip on your Spod reel to make sure you bait accurately. There’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned money on bait which gets spread all over your swim, scattering feeding fish over a large area and making it even harder to catch them. Also, pick a skyline marker such as a tree and aim at it with each cast to make sure you’re on the same line. Let the line clip take care of accurate distances.

It’s all about the drop By this I mean the length of line from your Spod or Spomb to the tip of your rod. Make sure your ‘drop’ is around 6ft by checking that your Spod or Spomb is level with the spigot of your rod before you cast. This will reduce the chance of crack offs and it’s the optimum length when trying to achieve accuracy and distance.

Practice There’s no shortcuts for it, practice makes perfect. Start by spodding at relatively close range, perhaps 40 yards or whatever is comfortable, and as you become more accurate you’ll need to extend this distance over the course of a season. The secret is to work hard at improving your accuracy. The more the practice you put in, the better you’ll get, until you are casting to a dinner plate-sized spot at 150 yards!

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