Wednesday Review- Aqua Pioneer Bivvy

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Wednesday Review- Aqua Pioneer Bivvy

Pioneering Design From Aqua

Boasting a unique exoskeleton design, the Aqua Pioneer Bivvy is one of the strongest on the market. Built to withstand the most extreme bankside weather, and designed with maximum space inside, this is a bivvy that's all about long stay carp pursuits, and the professional angling lifestyle.

Made from performance grade, weatherproof AquaTexx fabric, and supported by 16mm pre-formed, powder coated aluminium poles, the bivvy offers a lightweight, high strength resilience that makes it the perfect choice for extreme angling, harsh weather, and year-round campaign sessions.


A full, removable infill panel and panoramic mozzy mesh vents allow you clear sight of the water during your summer sessions, whilst keeping you protected from bankside nasties, and allowing you to zip up snug against the winter elements.

Supplied with two erection poles and four storm rods, the Aqua Pioneer Bivvy gives you a strong, stable shelter that's the perfect choice for anglers who regularly fish overseas, and those who want to keep carp fishing year round, without putting themselves at the mercy of the elements.

Standing at 127cm, with an overall footprint of 260cm x 220cm, the Pioneer gives you the space you want, and the strength you need. A heavy duty, integrated groundsheet is supplied, along with a set of 12 auger point pegs for securely siting your bivvy on almost any terrain. If you're worried all of this is going to result in a bivvy that's impossible to lift on an off your barrow, or into and out of a van, then don't be – the entire bivvy set up, including the heavy duty Aqua carry bag it's packed in, weighs just 14.5kg.


Wrapping Things Up

For harsher Eastern European venues, and to ensure you're cosy and comfortable on UK banks during the depths of winter, why not add the Aqua Pioneer Bivvy Wrap to create a quality second skin? Protecting against condensation, and ensuring the inside of your bivvy remains warm and dry, a bivvy wrap Is an ideal accessory for all dedicated carp anglers.

Made to match the size of the bivvy, the Aqua Pioneer Wrap comes in at just 2.25kg, with a compact pack size, and high quality carry bag included.

Key Features: Bivvy

. 127cm x 260cm x 220cm

. Exoskeleton design

. Includes two erection poles and four storm poles

. Frame poles 16mm pre-formed powder coated aluminium

, Lightweight, strong, stable design

. Fully zipped, removable infill panel

. Auger pegs, groundsheet, and carry bag included

. Weighs just 14.5kg

Key Features: Wrap

. Sized to match the bivvy

. Supplied in carry bag

, Compact pack down

. Weighs just 2.25kg

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