Wednesday Review- Daiwa CG 80HSL Baitcaster Reel

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Wednesday Review- Daiwa CG 80HSL Baitcaster Reel

Red Alert For Reel Performance!

 With its smart metallic red trim, the Daiwa CG 80HSL Baitcaster Reel offers performance to be reckoned with.

Featuring Magforce cast control, with nine ball bearings ensuring a fast, smooth action, and a graphite body giving your reel the strength it needs to stand up to the most ambitious angling action, this Daiwa reel is all about the perfect blend of style and substance.

Attractively designed to make an eye-catching first impression, the CG 80HSL comes in an easy-to-handle, lightweight design, with double handle operation that makes it a smooth, practical tackle choice for left handed or right handed anglers.

Infinite anti-reverse ensures frustration-free hook set and play, and makes the Daiwa CG 80HSL a baitcasting reel that's suitable for anglers of all levels of experience, and a stand-out performer on any venue. Balancing a range of rods well, this compact, high-performance reel is the perfect choice if you're looking for tackle that makes an impact.


Daiwa Design

 The CG80HSL Baitcaster is instantly recognisable as a Daiwa reel.  With a solid reputation for crafting tackle that looks good, performs well, and is offered at an affordable price, Daiwa has always been a name that anglers can trust, and if this reel is anything to go by, they show no signs of relinquishing that position any time soon.


Key Features

 . Magforce cast control

. 9 ball bearings

. Infinite anti-reverse

. Double handle

. Graphite body

. Aluminium spool

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