Wednesday Review… Daiwa TDZR Margin Pole

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Wednesday Review… Daiwa TDZR Margin Pole

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Matt Godfrey takes Daiwa's latest margin weapon for a rally at the renowned beast pit that is Alders Farm!

Singling out an exceptional margin pole from the stable of already great products out there is incredibly difficult. Sure, there are loads of thick-walled tools that will do the job for a much lower price, but when you desire that element of class and performance, these simply don't meet your requirements. A hectic three-hour stint with Daiwa's TDZR Margin only confirmed to me why we see so many of this company's poles on the bank!

At Pole Fishing, we're always up against the conditions at this time of year, especially when testing margin poles! Its a great time to get them in the magazine, however, because now is probably the time that you're ready to buy them in preparation for summer! However, one venue where you can always guarantee getting your string pulled is Alders Farm near Milton Keynes.


Like many Daiwa poles, the first thing that hit me when unpacking the TDZR Margin was the feel of quality. Every section is finished off smoothly, and cosmetically the pole looks slick! Most margin poles are fairly short, just six or eight metres at the most. In my opinion, Daiwa has broadened their appeal by making the TDZR Margin 10 metres long.

When fishing down margins, this extra length can be vital; you might need to reach that platform on the next swim, or to get along a bank or towards a feature in a corner. You can also use it as a shorter pole in undesirable conditions, and I dare to say it would make a great pole for fishing to hand!

Obviously, one of the most important factors to test on a margin pole is strength. The TDZR Margin is rated to a No.20 elastic and assembling is, not one of the sections budged with a firm squeeze! The pole genuinely felt like one of the strongest that I've held, but what I liked about it the most was the fact that this didn't hinder its performance. At its full 10 metres it was a responsive, very rigid and by no means heavy. I never once felt like my presentation or the fishing was stalled.


I almost forgot that I was fishing with the TDZR Margin; I was at ease guiding the lumps from the tree roots to my right and even when my biggest 8lb munter bottomed out my elastic, tickling the brambles on the island opposite, the pole never looked concerned!

Fitted with a power kit and supplied with two extra pre-bore power kits, the pole is ready for you to use with whatever elastic you want! Better still, the top kits are fully compatible with the TDZR4 and 5 poles, making this the perfect secondary pole for those days when you're looking to apply that extra pressure.

If you're looking for a quality margin tool for the fast-approaching summer; do yourself a favour and take a close look at the TDZR Margin!


Tech Spec – Daiwa TDZR Margin

Package - Team Daiwa TDZR Margin, plus two pre bore ready power kits. Spares - Power Kit

Features - High wall strength, No.20 elastic rating, kits compatible with the TDZR4 and 5 poles. Actual Length - 10.05m Top-Kit Length - 2.68m Top-4 Length - 4.11m Top-5 Length - 5.53m Puller Kits Fitted - No Pre-Bushed - Yes Cupping Kit Supplied - No Holdall Supplied - Yes Butt Section Length - 1.7m Butt Diameter (widest) - 4cm

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