Wednesday Review- Guru X-Change Feeders

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Wednesday Review- Guru X-Change Feeders

Feeder fishing is constantly evolving, as new tackle and match winning methods come to the fore through the innovation of match fishing brands. The X-Change Distance Feeders from Guru are no different, fishing a feeder at distance has experienced an increase in popularity recently, especially on larger venues, naturally. However, the Guru X-Change range is highly adjustable and has the flexibility to adapt to any venue regardless of size of depth.

The main body of the X-Change feeders are built from durable plastic, not only providing a strong structure but also a lightweight one, allowing the weight located at the base of the feeder to lead the feeder through even the strongest crosswinds. The plastic section of the interchangeable feeder system is available in two designs, cage feeder or a solid body design. Cage feeders will disperse more bait and they will disperse bait on the drop, dragging fish down to the bottom on shallower water. Whereas, a solid body feeder will disperse much less on the drop and is ideal for use on deeper venues when the feeder takes longer to reach the bottom, once there it should hold the fish at the bed and not higher in the water column like a cage feeder can sometimes do.

Another benefit to a plastic feeder is how quickly it rises to the surface on retrieve, travelling across the surface the feeder is likely to avoid all major snags that heavy leads can sometimes become snagged on.

The feeder element is not the only interchangeable feature of the Guru X-Change Distance Feeders, the weight at the base of the feeder is easily altered; 20g, 30g, 40g and 50g weights are available as part of the range. A 20g feeder is ideal for those shallower venues when you don’t want to bury your feeder in the silt, 30g is more suitable for slightly deeper water when you want to quickly get your cage feeder on the bottom without dispersing too much bait higher up in the water column. 40g and 50g variants will offer you greater distance on cast and are extremely useful when fishing at long distance. It couldn’t be simpler to change the weight of your feeder, twist off your current weight and twist on your chosen replacement, perfect for changes in the weather or fishing at increased range or different depth.

Specialist feeders are also available as part of the range, Bait Up Feeders are presented in a cage variant and do exactly what it says on the tin, bait up your swim. Sometimes it can take twenty or so casts with a smaller feeder in order to build a large enough bed of bait to attract fish to your swim, with the Bait Up feeder that number is likely to be half and could be crucial to getting your session off to a positive start.

The other specialist feeders on offer are X-Change Slimline, much smaller in size and perfect for when you’re cautious of over feeding your swim or just want to be more precise. The Slimline feeders are smaller in diameter and as a result have a different set of weights but retain the interchangeable Guru design.

Feeder fishing has never been so adaptable, changing feeder mid-match can cost you precious minutes and potentially the match but with the introduction of the Guru X-Change Distance Feeder range, its never been so easy to change your approach at get those crucial match winning fish in your keep net.

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