Wednesday Review- Prologic Net Head Retainer System

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Wednesday Review- Prologic Net Head Retainer System

Clever Systems For Any Situation

Edged in a stylish camo pattern, on fully waterproof material, the Prologic Net Head Retainer System is compatible with any 42” landing net, and crafted from fish friendly camo mesh, which gives you a subtle and safe way to rest your catch in the water, allowing the fish time to recover, or giving yourself time to set up your camera and weighing equipment. A metallic peg ring makes it easy to secure this retainer to your banksticks, giving you a simple tackle set up, and additional peace of mind.

Designed to handle carp up to large doubles, and suitable for use with the most common brands of 42” landing nets, and many others on the market, this net head retainer from Prologic is the logical choice for efficient, effective carp angling.

Why Retain?

Sometimes, when the action's been non-stop, and you find yourself with a potential new pb on the end of the line, you'll be facing a situation where there just hasn't been time to get everything set up and ready to go on the bank. If you're fishing solo, a net head retainer is an essential addition to your angling arsenal, giving you the ability to easily rest your landing net, complete with your stunning catch, in the water, while you set up your camera and scales.

Retention systems are also useful when you're landing a fish that's put up a long, hard fight. The fish may need time to recover, either before before being brought to the bank, or while it recoups its strength ready to swim off on the return; a landing net retention system is an effective, simple way to ensure any fish you catch are kept calm, and returned in the best possible shape.

Key Features:

, Fish friendly camo mesh

. Fits almost all 42” landing nets

. Easy to secure to banksticks

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