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Wednesday Review... Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket System

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Wednesday Review... Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket System


Yes… the Ridgemonkey Modular Bucket System is another bucket, but don’t look at what you can put in this bucket, think about how it can work for you. Being a modular system, straight from the off it is one item of tackle that you can tailor to suit your requirements. This can help you to eliminate other items of clumsy bulky luggage, enabling you to keep everything to hand in one convenient place.

With two independent tubs inside complete with tight fitting lids and the ability to be frozen, you can either use them to store terminal tackle or, once attaching them to the side of the bucket, fill them with water and test your rigs. Another great use we have found is to stick any remaining bit in the box and freeze it, then get it out before your next session and you have bait ready to go. You can even keep ready-tied PVA sticks or mesh bags in it too. With two sizes in the range it is up to you how you fill it. The larger variant is ideal for me because I can house my array of hook baits in the bottom as well as a lead bag and then the external tubs, which fit neatly inside, contain hook links, hooks and tools.

Remember, the world is your oyster and with the build quality you have come to recognise from Ridgemonkey, this is sure to be another top product that will bring convenience to many a carp angler. If I had my way I would have one for stalking, another for floater fishing and then a third for my general carp angling, but that just seems greedy right?

Key Features - Takes the square bucket concept to a whole new level - Features a pair of independent freezer-safe bait boxes - Each with their own tight fitting lids - They slot onto the sides of the bucket "bait waiter" - Also fit snugly inside the top of the bucket when not in use - Providing the angler with unparalleled convenience - Standard Dimensions: 270mm x 230mm x 280mm - Standard Capacity: Approx. 17 litres - XL Dimensions: 300mm x 270mm x 380mm - XL Capacity: Approx. 30 litres

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