Wednesday Review... Trakker Superdome Bivvy

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Wednesday Review... Trakker Superdome Bivvy

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Enter The Superdome! The undisputed kings of bankside living are back with a bit of a monster!

Having built an empire around it, you could say that Trakker takes bivvy production pretty seriously. The Sheffield tackle giant is always innovating ways to make our time on the bank that much more comfortable and their latest project, the pram-hood style Superdome, looks like it may well have raised the bar, comfort-wise for the long-session angler!

1. You’re a long-stay angler who likes home comforts? Then the Superdome is a serious contender for your attention. It’s unlikely to tick all the boxes if you don’t get time, and like to stay mobile, but if you prefer to camp in total luxury, then it’s the one! It’s comfortably Trakker’s biggest shelter, in terms of footprint, and it’s tall too (nearly 2m), so there’s no chance that you’ll get claustrophobic in there!

2. Socials are important to you. Well, you can actually fit three beds in the Superdome, so whether you’re taking the kids, or your carping pals, this is the most social bivvy ever designed! Trakker makes optional extra toggle-in capsules that create two distinct living quarters, with a central walkway that gives access to the front and back doors (yep, we did say back door!).

3. What does it compare to? Well, perhaps it’s most close relative would be the old Trakker Colossus, which kinda broke the whole huge bivvy hype! These days, you’re looking at sprawling, specialist shelters like the Avid HQ Euro. The Superdome is in the same price bracket, but is more suited to the long-stay UK angler, as well as the holiday angler, rather than the more specialist HQ Euro.

4. You don’t want to be struggling to put it up, right? No, and you won’t either. Its pram-hood design is time-proven and, while it’s not quite as quick as a Tempest or Titan to erect, the Superdome isn’t going to take you all afternoon like the pole-threading giants of the past.

5. Why the Trakker one then? Bivvies are what the Trakker guys do best, their long heritage means that all the little touches are there, the reliability, functionality and after-sales service is all there too.


Key Features - The ultimate long-session shelter - Total through access with a door at the front and back - Room inside for three bed chairs - Huge mozzie vents in front - Window in back door providing free airflow ventilation - Dual rod straps at front and rear of bivvy - Dual-zipped doors allowing you to create a letterbox opening - Supplied with tension strap - Full frame support system (inc two bars on peak and rear) - Clear window for front door - Oversize heavy-duty carry bag - Heavy-duty groundsheet and T-pegs - Compatible with bedroom or full inner capsule system plus full winter wrap - Weight: 17.1kg (plus groundsheet and pegs totalling approx. 5kg) - Dimensions: W 380cm x D 370cm x H 190cm

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