Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 30 Reel

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 30 Reel

Match Advantage With The Advanta X5 30 Reel

X5 is Advanta's dedicated match fishing range, tailored to perform on any size of venue, and designed and developed to give you the edge when speed is of the essence.

The range includes luggage, rods, and reels – such as the dynamic Advanta X5 30 Reel, which is ideally suited to feeder fishing, and also offers the compact, lightweight practicality that lure anglers will appreciate.

Trimmed in metallic red, and engineered to punch well above its weight, this is a reel to be reckoned with, and one that will balance any rod well, giving you the performance you need, and the easy handling you want.

Advanta X5 30 Reel


A quality piece of match fishing tackle, this reel brings modern looks and professional performance together, creating a reel that looks good, balances and handles well, and delivers reliable results.

The metallic red spool trim is an eye catching, contemporary style boost that inspires confidence, and pairs well with the sharp graphics that are becoming increasingly common on today's fishing rods.

A micro-adjustable front drag keeps you in charge of every moment of the retrieve, while the 5:2:1 gear ratio is all about smooth speed, and ensures your tournament session keeps flowing from first cast to final whistle, with no hold ups in the water.

Supplied with an aluminium spool and a polymetric spare spool, this is a versatile reel that takes you from rural match venues where feeder fishing is the order of the day, to urban canals, and a spot of light lure work. If you're an angler who likes to keep things interesting, you'll love the Advanta X5 Reel.


Key Features:

. 5:2:1 gearing

. Designed for feeder fishing and lure work

. 1 aluminium and 1 polymetric spool supplied

. Stylish and contemporary reel

. Compact design

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