Advanta Friday - Advanta X5 Match Barrow

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Advanta Friday - Advanta X5 Match Barrow

Take ADVANTA‘GE’ this Friday! We take a closer look at the Advanta X5 Match Barrow.

As we all know, you certainly gather a fair amount of gear once you start fishing. Whether you’re a match angler, pleasure angler or any other type of angler, it pays to be prepared. Now, being prepared often means taking a bit more gear then you require, just in case. Instead of taking multiple trips to the car and having to carry everything slung over your shoulders or on your back, the Advanta X5 Match Barrow allows you to easily transport all you gear to your spot safely in one trip (hopefully!) allowing you to get fishing quicker.

The Advanta X5 Match Barrow is a barrow style trolley that, unlike seatbox trollies, offers a broad base and extra large loading area, enabling all your gear to be transported over the bumpiest of terrain. This also allows the majority of the weight to be balanced over the wheel, saving your arms and back. It has a robust and lightweight frame that makes it easy to use time and time again. It also folds down to fit in your car boot and is quick to assemble when you arrive.

Although primarily aimed at match/coarse anglers, the Advanta X5 Match Barrow can also be used by carp anglers seeking a more streamlined barrow for shorter sessions, as well as longer sessions where their swim is in walking distance.

For a hassle-free journey to your next swim, with an easy to use, lightweight, durable barrow that helps protect your gear and gets you fishing quicker, look no further than the Advanta X5 Match Barrow

Key Features - Barrow style tackle transporter - Designed to carry all your essentials - Large loading area - Very easy to transport even when fully loaded - Quick and easy to assemble and dismantle - Fits comfortably in most car boots

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