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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Discovery Blx Bank Sticks

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Discovery Blx Bank Sticks

Set Up For Success With Advanta

A brand with its roots firmly in the carp fishing scene, Advanta pay close attention to what anglers are looking for (and not finding from other brands) when it comes to rod set ups, and bankside essentials.

Whether you simply want somewhere to rest your rod while you enjoy a brew, or answer a call of nature, or you're looking to create an elaborate multi-rod set up, fishing different baits and rigs at different points in the water column, with varied reach that works the whole of your swim, the Discovery Blx Bank Sticks from Advanta are a sure fire way to discover effective carp angling.

Back In Blx

The Advanta Discovery Blx Bank Sticks are suitable for all ground types, with tapered points making it easier to secure them in exceptionally dry soil, such as clay, which can prove tricky to get a good grip on.

Finished with a hardwearing black anodised coating for maximum strength and hardwearing lifestyle resilience, these banksticks are constructed to an exceptionally high standard, and designed for the demands of fishing multiple rod set ups in pursuit of specimen carp.

Available in a range of extendable sizes, allowing you to create a tailored set up that's exactly what you need for your angling, the Advanta Discovery Blx Banksticks are a clear winner for campaign carp anglers everywhere.

Key Features:

. Hardwearing

. Tapered points make light work of hard ground 

. Designed for multiple rod set ups

. Available in a range of fully extendable sizes

. Tailored carp angling brought direct to you

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