Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net - Advanta Thursday

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Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net - Advanta Thursday

When it comes to carp angling, a reliable landing net is definitely a must-have, and Advanta have some of the best in the business. The Advanta Discovery CX range is all about carp fishing, with a focus on creating tackle that’s at the forefront of fish care, whilst still being attractive and easy to use, giving both fish and anglers the best possible experience. 


Features of the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net:

  • Fitted with Advanta's new aluminium spreader block
  • Matt black carbon composite 2-piece handle
  • Innovative dual-arm net floats
  • Featuring shrink wrapped grips
  • Laser etched butt cap
  • Deep green hex mesh
  • Net clip

With an aluminium spreader block, the Discovery Rover Landing Net is all about lifting power. Designed to hold and hoist those huge carp we all dream of, yet styled to suit the mobile or roving angler, giving you the flexibility to pursue that potential new personal best into tight, secluded swims, and along overgrown banks, knowing that, when you catch up with him, your spreader block won’t crack under pressure.

The deep green hexagonal mesh isn’t just there for style; it also presents unobtrusively in the water, meaning that you won’t panic the fish on the end of your line when you come to bring it to the bank. This functional, effortless retrieval is enhanced by Advanta’s inclusion of innovative arm floats, which are fully integrated, saving you time and money that other brands insist you spend buying and fitting separate net floats.


The two-piece handle offers convenient transport and storage potential, while the matte black carbon composite design gives a subtle, unobtrusive silhouette, living up to Advanta’s brand promise of convenient practicality. As a finishing touch, a net clip lessens the chances of your net getting caught on snags; a torn landing net, after all, could easily put an end to a promising session, and no one wants that.

Perfectly sized to handle large carp on any venue, the Rover Landing Net is stylishly finished with a laser etched butt cap; a contemporary touch on a tackle essential that’s designed to the highest standards of angling tradition.

Main Reasons we love this net:  Subtle style . Aluminium spreader block . Integrated net floats . Perfect for large carp . Ideal for roving anglers . Handy net clip


Why Choose Advanta?

An Angling Direct exclusive, the Advanta brand began as a carp brand, and that focus, passion, and commitment is still very much at the forefront, even as Advanta adds other angling disciplines, including predator, sea, and match fishing, to its arsenal of affordable, high-performance products


If the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net sounds like it would take the hard work out of your carp hauling, why not buy yours today?

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