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Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 EVA Groundbait Bowl

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 EVA Groundbait Bowl

Calling all Coarse and Match anglers that are needing to replace the knackered mixing bowl or are just starting out and require a container suitable to make that dreamy mixture for your specimen fish.

During a coarse fishing match, it's important to feed your swim more or less constantly; top match angling coach Andy Day recommends feeding a good handful of bait every five to ten seconds throughout your match session. Whatever bait you're using, that's a lot of bait going out over the course of the average four to five hour match competition, and it needs to look and smell good to the fish you're after, otherwise you'll find them swimming off to your neighbour's peg, to see if there's anything more to their liking on offer.

Advanta products are created with the intention of making your angling life less of a 'lifelong struggle', and more of a 'lifestyle'. With that, Advanta has released a whole range of EVA luggage and boxes that are all designed to be super durable come rain or shine, meaning match day accessories are covered.

The groundbait bowl is also made from EVA material. For those that are questioning what is EVA, it stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate and is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Materials made from EVA resin is a step up from straight polyethene and the more vinyl acetate used in the resin, the more rubber-like the EVA adhesive is. The most important quality of materials made from EVA is that it tends to be 100% waterproof.

The Advanta X5 bowl is completely waterproof to the point it can hold water with no leaks unless of course, you tip the water out of the top of the bowl. Also with super strong seams, the X5 bowl is ultimately waterproof inside and out. You can mix your ground bait without causing a soggy piece of material and when it comes to washing out all that bait, you are set with the material being easy to clean.

The rim is reinforced with a strong structure that gives the rigid shape of a bucket meaning it will stand without collapsing into the bait as well as keeping its structure when needing to pour water or when holding it by the handles. The bowl is also a generous size of 45cm x 30cm. Plenty of room for you to mix your bait without too much splashing out the sides onto the floor.

Use to getting a rough terrain at your designated peg? The exterior of the bowl surpasses the scuffs and dampness of the ground thanks to the EVA material its both waterproof and durable features.

If you are finding there are plenty of bug pests around your bait when mixing or when it is sitting next to you as you are reeling in a big one, the X5 range has another lovely feature to solve your common angling problems. The Advanta bowl has a super seal with double zips to close the lid securely. Not only is this great for transportation, avoiding you messy spillages, but you can quickly zip or unzip the lid to access or cover the bait in your bowl. Because of the double zips you also have the option to unzip from two directions, either leaving a hinge to cover the bait from bug pests and preventing a change in your baits consistency, but also completely removable for quick, easy access.

Carrying the bowl, empty or full will also not be a problem. Advanta has made sure this bag can handle the 14L weight with heat welded seams attached the handles either side of the bowl. These handles are adjustable in length so you can either have short or long straps depending on whether you need to carry the bowl on your shoulder, in your hands or to hood on the side of your barrow.

Comfort is assured with the grab handle, whether you are lifting the bowl closer to your swim or for carrying the longer distances from the car to the bank.

So for a decent sized groundbait bowl that offers far more than your basic pound shop bucket and a gorgeous vibrant red that will ensure you stand out, and look good, wherever your fishing takes you.

Buy the Advanta X5 bowl here


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