How To Tie A Simple Wafter Rig – Carp Fishing Quickbite

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How To Tie A Simple Wafter Rig – Carp Fishing Quickbite

If you are wanting to catch more carp this summer, both in the UK or aboard, this simple awesome wafter rig may be the edge you are looking for.

In the AD Quickbite, the AD team breaks down the steps to show you exactly how to tie a simple wafter rig, using the knotless knot hair rig.

What Do I Need To Tie a Wafter Rig?

Before we show you the steps, let us share what the AD team used for this rig so you can check that tackle box for add these items to your shopping list.

CC Moore NS1 Dumbell Wafters

Fox Edges Boilie Stops

Korda Razorblades

Korda Pulla Tool

Korda Strippa Tool

RidgeMonkey RM Tec Anti-Tangle Sleeves

Korda Dark Matter Ultra Heavy Tungsten Putty

Korda Braided Hair Needle

Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Coated Braid

Korda Kamakura Sharpened Wide Gape Hook


You can also view the full list of items used for this Quickbite on its dedicated page. View here.


How-To: Tying a Wafter Fishing Rig


1) Start by taking your coated braid and scissors

2) Trim off your desired rig length

3) Select your stripper tool

4) Strip roughly 4 - 5 inches of coating

5) Then tie a small hair loop

6) Select your wafter and baiting needle

7) Attach to your hair

8) Select your hook

9) Attach using a knotless knot

10) Whip up the shank until your hair exists opposite the hook point

11) Select your anti-tangle sleeve

12) Thread onto your rig and tie a figure of 8 loop knot

13) Select your puller tools

14) Pull your rig to straighten it

15) Select your putty

16) Add a small blob to the middle of your rig

You're now ready to fish! 

If you are looking for more detailed steps, watch the video of this How-To Guide below.

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