Minialist Fishing Bite Alarms with Maximum Performance - Gardner ATTx V2

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Minialist Fishing Bite Alarms with Maximum Performance -  Gardner ATTx V2

When Gardner upgraded their popular ATT bite alarm, the company had their hands full! The bite alarm series had won a wide fan base due to its forward-looking technology combined with a classic design, and it was clear that it would be difficult to further optimize the current status. Carp anglers in particular were sworn into the product. Despite the steep challenge, Gardner managed to take both the design and functionality to a higher level. As a result, the iconic alarms gained even more fans.

What's New About this Gardner Bite Alarm?

Maintaining the distinctive look was high on the list of requirements. Anyone who owns a set of the original alarms will immediately recognise the snag 'ears' which are designed to hold onto the rod even when the bait is being attacked really aggressively and the line is reeling fast. A big fish running sideways can easily bounce the rod off the alarm and bank stick combination. The high snag "ears" help to reduce or even eliminate this risk.


Unmistakable in Design

Gardner has ensured that the recognition factor remains high: all the details known from the classic have been retained. However, the Gardner ATTx V2 also benefits from a host of technological improvements and clever innovations that set it apart from the crowd and give the passionate angler a real advantage. Gardner brings bite alarms with the highest reliability rate to the market. According to rave reviews, these devices don't generate false alarms even in windy conditions and in open water.

Key Features of the Gardner ATTx V2 Remote System:

  • Soft touch, non-reflective finish

  • Improved battery life

  • Low battery warning

  • Mimics bite alarm bleeps

  • Multi-tone setting

  • Improved transmitter design

  • Last LED activation recall

  • Increased LED light-up time

  • Full 2-year ATT warranty

Fun Functionality in Fishing Tech

The new ATT model features a new under-light system that succinctly differentiates this bite alarm from other models on the market. IW in the product name stands for Illuminated Wheel (illuminated wheel) and is in the context of the new, coloured LED display. The lighting has been designed to sit just below the now transparent wheel on the front of the alarm. As a result, the reading on the bite alarm is easier to read and the range is greater. On the bank, this solution is more effective than the small light from a conventional LED. The ATTs ensure your eyes retain their natural sensitivity to light, even when you're looking directly at the gear. Therefore, please do not jump to the conclusion that this bite alarm is only suitable for use at night. Tests have shown that the light is clearly visible even in bright daylight.


Colour Magic with Bite Alarms

The Gardner range is available in a variety of colours including the new orange and the traditional red, green and blue for anglers who prefer more classic settings. The ATTs IW is 100% waterproof just like the original. This alarm is compatible with both deluxe and original V2ATTx receiver models. It comes standard with a one-year ATTs warranty. You can always rely on the ATTs IW bite alarm. It is the ideal shore companion for the passionate carp angler.


Who Is the Gardner ATTx V2 Range For?

The Gardner ATTx is available at a fantastic price. It is primarily aimed at enthusiastic carp anglers who depend on accurate bite alarms on long, multi-day and night-time fishing trips. There are a number of clever add-on devices for the ATTx bite alarm, not the least of which is a receiver, with which you can reliably track all bites. The ATTx works perfectly in combination with the Gardner V2 ATTx receiver or the Delux receiver. It has a built-in transmission system.

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