St Valentine’s Day – Why Anglers Love Fishing

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St Valentine’s Day – Why Anglers Love Fishing

To celebrate yesterday's St Valentines Day, we, here at Angling Direct thought we would share the top reasons why angling is our favourite past time.

If you are a beginner angler or never tried fishing before, this guide might encourage you to pick up the hobby and understand why there are so many anglers dedicated to the sport.


Angling Relieves Stress

You may question, how when you have to focus so hard on catching a fish? Well, it’s simple. Fishing allows you to sit back and be emersed in nature. Whilst you wait for a fish to take interest in your bait you can have some reflection time and be at peace, away from everyday life.

You can read more on ways Angling relieves stress in our dedicate guide here.


Self-Fulfilment of Landing a Fish

That magical moment you land a fish, whether it is your first or one hundredth, will always possess your body as you are reeling in a possible PB. Not every fishing trip is a win, but when they are it is spectacular and a great ego and mood booster.


Fishing Provides many Health Benefits

Although many may perceive fishing as more of a hobby than sport, the interest certainly helps burn a few calories! Fishing encourages anglers to get outside and be active, every flick of casting the rod, every heavy lifting of netting a fish keeps anglers active. Not only is angling a health benefit physically but mentally too. Stress relief as mentions previously as well as excitement, self-success our great reasons to head to the bankside.


The Leisure of Angling

Angling is a recreation that even on bad days where you blank and go home with no catches to report that it still means for a better time slumped in front of the television all day. Many anglers would agree that the pleasure of fishing is not just in landing a fish but the activity itself. The watching, stalking and predicting of a fish’s every movement can be quite thrilling. Even just the preparation of tying rigs and prepping bait can be therapeutic.


Challenging yourself with Angling

Setting yourself a goal when angling, even if it is just to try out a new bait method, skill or targeting a certain fish will keep the hobby interesting. It also gets you through those sessions where blanking may occur, getting you back out at the bank to try again at the soonest opportunity. Angling is not easy, even when you are an experienced angler, fish are unpredictable at times and you are certainly kept on your toes with some fish battling you to the very end for that lure!

Enjoying Nature when Fishing

As previously mentioned, Angling provides time for us to be close to nature, watching squirrels and birds carry out their routines, whilst you sit back and enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather. Not only are anglers thankful for this peaceful time with nature but they also get to help nature, whether its spotting and cleaning up some pollution or providing medical care to an injured fish. These tributes can be very fulfilling.


Angling allows for Social Bonding

In a non-pandemic world, Angling provides a great opportunity for you and your friends to camp put at the bank and bond. Whether you take a friend, your child or your partner, fishing is a great time to build relationships, dedicating time to get to know more about your loved one. No background noises or distractions, other than catching the fish…

Tips for Taking your Partner Fishing With You

1. Let them be helpful with carrying tackle, setting up your swim and preparing baits.

2. Take it in turns making hot beverages or a quick bacon sandwich!

3. You do not need to talk the whole time, let them pack a book and soak up the sun.

4. Check out the Angling Trust, Take a Friend Scheme


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Alternatively, you may be taking up fishing for some solitude time, a quiet place from the craziness of family and friend life.


There are just some of the reasons, we love fishing! What are yours? Let us know via social media!

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