Tackle Tuesday... Aqua Carp Care

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Tackle Tuesday... Aqua Carp Care

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Aqua Products has been sewing and stitching some of the best mats and slings for decades, but 2016’s collection really is something else… 

Aqua’s mats and slings have been protecting and weighing carp for decades. From their legendary Combi Mat to the Carp Sling, the northern-based company has been at the forefront of carp care development. Fresh for 2016 they’ve not only added a couple of new items to the collection, but they’ve also made some of them available in their lovely DPM pattern!

Aqua Camo Buoyant Weigh Sling (Pictured above) Take their award-winning Carp Sling (read: super fish-friendly Aquatexx material and great drainage), add two floating support bars, a clever zip feature which means no fiddly buckles and make it available in both Olive or DPM and you’ve got yourself a certified banger.

Key Features - Developed using new DPM Camo Pattern performance grade Aquatexx - Ensures that this weigh sling is not only fast drying and functional - But also cosmetically pleasing on the eye - Built bars offering support for the fish - The weigh sling adds an element of buoyancy - Designed to aid retaining fish for short periods - It comes supplied in its own stink sleeve - Dimensions: 62cm (h) x 106cm (w)

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Aqua-2 Aqua XL Unhooking Mat Aqua reclaim the “Sexy Unhooking Mat” crown with this one from Fish Care collection. In fish protection terms it has a deep two-layer foam construction, wrapped in a fish-friendly PVC and is finished with an Aquatexx retaining cover. There’s more. There are four handles which allow two anglers to carry a large fish with total care. Dimensions: 1250(W) x 850(D) x 120mm(H).

Key Features - Performance grade AQUATEXX - 4 carry handles - Deep 2 layer foam construction - Hard wearing base fabric - 4 pegging rings - Fully zipped fish retaining flap

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Aqua-3 Aqua Combi Mat Everything about Aqua’s Combi Mat is brilliant: the shape, the functionality, the padding, the material; it does everything and has everything. The tried and tested design allows you to unhook, weigh and safety return your catch. The reliable and quick-drying Aquatexx outer with baffled zips will serve both you and your catches for years. Available in both Olive and DPM. Dimensions: 1200(L) x 700(W) x 50mm(D).

Key features - Offers ultimate protection with its deep walled foam padding - Covered in a fish friendly fabric, a safety retaining flap - Designed to have a large surface area - Supplied in a sleeve protecting the contents - Shoulder strap makes it perfect for stalking when folded in half - Dimensions: 5cm (h) x 70cm (d) x 120cm (w)

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Aqua-5 Aqua Carp Sling The original weigh sling is now super light thanks to its Aquatexx construction, and thanks to this material it enables the sling to be rolled up extremely tight, making it perfect for those who travel light and compact. It’s also now available in the DPM. Verdict? It’s the original and still the best. Dimensions: 1100(L) x 620mm(W).

Key Features - Support bars offer a greater level of comfort - Designed for the fish during weighing procedures - Fish can be returned to the water directly from the sling - It comes supplied in its very own Aquatexx stink sleeve - Dimensions: 62cm (d) x 110cm (w)

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Aqua-6 Aqua Roving Unhooking Mat Part of the Atom concept from Aqua, this incredibly lightweight mat provides a compact fish care solution without compromising protection. It’s deep, soft, dries very quickly and the built-in retaining flap ensures that even the liveliest fish are secured. Dimensions: 1040(L) x 620(W) x 50mm(D).

Key Features - Light weight yet practical unhooking mat - Provides a compact solution to fish care without compromise - Features deep compressible foam - Along with the performance grade Aquatexx fabric - Resulting in rapid drying times - Reducing the risk of disease transfer between sessions - Built in retaining flap - Ensures that even the liveliest fish are secured - Two large elastic loops - Keeps the mat compact for transportation - Suitable for fish up to 30LB

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