Tackle Tuesday... Drennan Match Keepnets

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Tackle Tuesday... Drennan Match Keepnets

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Super Sacks! Matt Godfrey explains why his Drennan Carp Keepnets are the best he’s used.

How much trust do you put in your keepnet? Touch wood, I’ve never suffered a net splitting or lost any fish due to fault. However, I’ve woken up in cold sweats after nightmares in which I’ve pictured myself bagging up in a big-money match, only to lift the net out and find there’s nothing left!

Keepnets probably don’t get the coverage they should, considering how much they are used. If you’re an avid fisherman like myself, your nets will be hammered every week… hopefully!


It was one particular session on a freezing canal that inspired me to write this review of the Drennan Carp Keepnets. I had a huge block of ice drift into my swim when the canal started towing, which literally dragged my keepnet around to such a point that I was convinced it would be ripped! However there wasn’t a mark on it.

I’ve had the same pair of Drennan Carp keepnets for almost 12 months and have fished with them on commercials, canals and rivers - often during big events like festivals at White Acres. As you’ve probably noticed in the magazines On Test pages, I often use the same nets for features; they’re used at least three times per week. Considering this, it’s quite amazing that I’m yet to find a single fault, scratch, hole or thread even looking tired on them.

The weighted base rings mean the nets sink and even after being pulled through and several 100lb-plus bags being lifted from the water, the rings haven’t budged an in inch. I particularly like the tab on the base, which allows me to stake the net back - a great trick on canals and commercials. Last year one of the nets saw out several sessions on some rocky tidal rivers without breaking a sweat too.


As a kid, I was forever snapping and cracking the thread or tilt mechanism on nets but the attachments on their are strong, sturdy and easy to adjust, with a totally versatile angle tilt mechanism.

If you’re in the market for a set of new nets, take a look at these beauties. I’ll be trying my best to wear them out this season, although I’m not sure it’s possible!

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