Tackle Tuesday: Guru Aventus Rod Range – The Complete Guide

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Tackle Tuesday: Guru Aventus Rod Range – The Complete Guide

Guru have teamed up with the rod building experts at Daiwa to create the high-grade, versatile Aventus range. Guru’s slogan – knowledge is power – has been exemplified in the design and construction of the Aventus rod range, the match fishing knowledge of Guru backed anglers such as Steve Ringer has been combined with the rod building expertise of the aficionados at Daiwa to offer you the what is perhaps the ultimate rod range on the market.

No expense has been spared in the creation of the Aventus rod range, built from the finest materials money can buy, these rods offer you the delicacy needed for soft-mouthed silver fish and the strength and through action needed to net a 20lb carp from deep water, at the same time.

The Guru Aventus range features six rods; a 10ft and 11ft feeder rod, a 12ft and 13ft distance feeder rod and a 11ft and 12ft float or waggler rod. Unlike other rod ranges from competitors, the Aventus range features subtle tweaks from rod to rod, from exclusive grips to ring placement, the range has been thoroughly calculated for optimal use.

Starting from the butt section of the rod and working our way up towards the tip, all Aventus rods include an elongated A-grade cork handle featuring a bespoke EVA down locking fore grip, exclusive to this Guru x Daiwa collaboration. The handle has also been augmented by Daiwa’s arm-lock design, offering you maximum comfort whilst playing a battling carp. The lengthened handle is not just for the benefit of aesthetics but to improve your leverage on the rod during casts, enhancing accuracy.

Working our way towards the blank now, the Aventus rods utilise a Fuji DPS reel seat, Fuji have become the fishing industries most trusted manufacturer of rod fixture and fittings, Fuji are synonymous with build quality and durability.

The blank of the rod is built from high-volume carbon fibre, containing less resin and glass and more carbon fibre, resulting in unparalleled blank strength but not compromising on a progressive through action. The spigot joints in the rod are ergonomically designed in accordance with V-joint technology, further strengthening the fish playing ability of the Aventus range.

The blank is lined with front facing, alconite Fuji K-guides which combat frapping and boost casting distance, the ring spacing on the Aventus range has been thoughtfully designed to further supplement performance when casting and playing fish.

10ft & 11ft Feeder Rods


The 10ft and 11ft feeder rods, with a casting weight of 60g and 70g, respectively, from Guru are supplied with three tips; 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz. The 1oz tip is ideal when using braided line or when targeting silver fish and 1.5oz is the go-to tip for commercial and natural fisheries when there is a bit more tow on the water. Finally, the 2oz tip is to be used in conjunction with bigger feeders or bombs but not only that the rings on the 2oz tip have been enlarged slightly to allow the use of shock leaders.

12ft & 13ft Distance Feeder Rods


Distance feeder rods are generally stiffer than their shorter counterparts to increase casting distance, however, Guru have, through the use of superior materials, created two distance feeder rods that are progressive enough to enable you to have the same enjoyable experience of playing fish that you would on a short-range feeder rod.

The 12ft variant comes as a two-piece and the 13ft as a three piece, allowing for easy storage in a rod holdall and are provided with a 1.5oz tip, perfect for silver fish and a 3oz tip designed to haul in big carp at distance.

The distance feeder rods differ from the generic feeder rods in length, obviously, but also the Fuji DPS reel seat has been adjusted to enable you to use a big pit reel on larger venues. The 13ft variant also features more carbon fibre towards the rod handle for increased strength at the butt section of the rod, whilst allowing the tip to display a progressive through action.

11ft & 12ft Waggler Rods


Intended for use alongside waggler tactics, the 11ft and 12ft float rods in the Aventus range feature all the impressive details of the other rods in the range with one or two tweaks to optimise your float fishing.

The Waggler rods are the only rods in the range to utilise a Fuji TVS reel seat, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort whilst actively float fishing, alongside the use of a different reel seat, the EVA foregrip has been adjusted slightly to include finger grips, further enhancing comfort and accurate casting. The 11ft waggler rod comes as a two piece with a casting weight of up to 15g and the 12ft as a three piece, ideal for use on larger venues.

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