Tackle Tuesday- Guru Match Line

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Tackle Tuesday- Guru Match Line

Guru Match Line

If you’re a regular on the match circuit, chances are you’ll be familiar with the range of Guru products on offer from one of the most innovative brands in the discipline. The company motto - ‘Knowledge is power’ – refers to its team of experienced pro-anglers, or guru’s as it refers to them, to produce innovative tackle that more than meets the needs of the modern match angling community. The team includes former Olympic decathlete Dean Macey, top commercial match angler Steve Ringer and England B feeder angler Adam Rooney.

Within the Guru match arsenal is a range of lines, varying in strength, diameter and function. The collection of line covers all match fishing eventualities, so whether your looking for a supple braid or protective shock leader the Guru range has got a line for you.

Guru Pulse

Kicking off the range is the Guru Pulse Line which utilises the most recent advances in monofilament main line technology, resulting in a low-stretch, high-abrasion resistance, ideal for snaggy swims. Due to its low diameter the Guru Pulse Line is efficient on cast and has quick sinking properties making it the ideal line for waggler and feeder fishing.

Pulse Line comes on a 300m spool and has a handy marker at 150m to allow for accurate respooling of multiple smaller reels. Guru Pulse is available in the following increments; 3lb 0.16mm, 4lb 0.18mm, 5lb 0.20mm, 6lb 0.21mm, 8lb 0.25mm and 10lb 0.28mm.


Guru Drag-Line

Next up its Guru Drag-Line, aptly named due to its robust nature, its high abrasion resistance is thanks in part to its optimal diameter and is specifically designed to withstand hard-fighting commercial carp.

The robust nature of Drag-Line does not compromise on suppleness and the line sports incredible knot strength, if you’re losing fish in the snags its probably worth giving Guru Drag-Line a look, it will most likely result in more fish in your keepnet. The line is available in the follow breaking strains; 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb.


Guru Pure Fluorocarbon

Guru Pure Fluorocarbon is an exceptional monofilament hooklength, its tensile strength ratio is impressive for its diameter and its virtually invisible in the water. Not only that but the Pure Fluorocarbon is incredibly abrasion resistance and could just be one of the greatest hooklink materials out there.

Pure is available in the following dimensions; 1lb 0.08mm, 1.8lb 0.10mm, 2.6lb 0.12mm, 3.4lb 0.14mm, 4lb 0.16mm, 4.6lb 0.18mm, 5.1lb 0.20mm, 5.8lb 0.22mm, 7lb 0.25mm and 10lb 0.30mm.


Pulse 8 Braid

As the name suggests, 8 Braid is an eight carrier braided mainline, constructed of eight woven strands, the industry standard is four, underlining the quality of this Guru braid. Its thin profile, ultra-strong construction and supple nature makes it perfect for feeder or bomb fishing as it provides you with direct contact with your hookbait, more so over a greater distance.

Supplied in 150m spools, the Pulse 8 braid is available in 15lb 0.08mm, 18lb 0.10mm and 24lb 0.12mm variants.


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