Wednesday Review... Prologic CC30 42inch Landing Net

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Wednesday Review... Prologic CC30 42inch Landing Net

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Carpology-Logo-Blog

NET GAIN! Prologic are getting stronger, year by year, and it’s not hard to see why with products like this…

Prologic is quietly making inroads into the carp market, and products like the CC30 Landing Net will only help to further its ambitions for a total takeover! The net is made from top-notch 3k carbon, which gives it great strength and rigidity, while remaining admirably lightweight. With discerning names like Adam Penning backing the net, you can rest assured that it’s decent, but is it right for you?

1. It’s goddamn light! Thanks to its 100% carbon construction, the CC30 is one heck of a light net. In fact, Prologic reckons that this is the lightest net that it has ever produced. The spreader block and arms are exactly the same material as the handle, which gives the net total coherence and saves a few grams too.


2. Tough too The solid, 3K-carbon construction gives the net a toughness that you’d be hard-pressed to find in a net made from a composite of materials. The spreader block, for instance, is made from solid carbon fibre, but is reinforced with aluminium, which double-insures the strength in this critical area.

3. It’s carpy enough Subtle styling and an unusual camouflage mesh ensure that this net doesn’t disappoint in the looks department. The solid 3K-carbon parts have a subtle weave that runs throughout the net, as well as a shrink-rubber handle that’s understated, functional and caps off the aesthetics quite nicely!

4. Nice design touches The Prologic designers have shown admirable attention to detail here. That’s best seen in the landing net mesh itself, which is actually made from two different meshes: a larger one for the sides, and a softer, finer mesh for the bottom, to ensure that no rig bits can drop through or become entangled. The whole mesh clips to the handle, for ease of use and when you’ve netted a fish, pops out of the clip to allow the fish to settle into the full depth of the mesh.


5.The whole thing is easy to manoeuvre This is a super-manoeuvrable net that allows you to follow a carp during those crucial last stages of the fight, thanks to its lightness and rigidity. The absolute last thing that you need when trying to net a lively fish in a weedy swim is a net that practically buckles when the pressure is on. The tough, 3K carbon is stiff enough that you can rely on it when your next PB surfaces under the tip!

Key Features - 3K high modulus carbon handle (180cm) - 3K carbon spread block - 3K high modulus carbon mesh arms - Camo mesh - Waterproof carry bag included

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