Tackle Tuesday- Shakespeare Agility Surf Reel Size 70

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Tackle Tuesday- Shakespeare Agility Surf Reel Size 70

Poetry In Motion With Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Agility Surf Reel is a simple, effective sea fishing tackle choice that's designed for anglers of all levels of experience. Balancing any rod well, this reel comes with an anodised aluminium spool, and spare graphite spool, giving you the ability to easily switch between robust power, and lightweight durability, depending on the conditions on the day, the species you're targeting, and the bait and tactics you've chosen to use.

An anti-twist line roller ensures perfect presentation with every cast, getting your bait where you want it, with no twists, tangles, or kinks in your line, while a strong, smooth drag system comes into its own when you're doing battle with a hard-fighting fish.

Fully corrosion resistant, this reel is designed for saltwater fishing, and will stand up to several seasons of regular use in the toughest conditions.

Size, Speed, And Style


The Agility reel's large capacity spool gives you plenty of play, and the opportunity of experiencing the fantastic runs that can happen in sea fishing, while the pared down gear system allows you to fish with style, casting out with fluid speed, with low ratio hauling power coming in to play just when you need it.

If you're looking for an affordable sea fishing reel that looks good on any set up, the Shakespeare Agility Surf Reel is a great choice for all anglers.

Key Features:

. Anodised aluminium spool

. Graphite spare spool

. Corrosion resistant

. Anti twist line ratio

. Pared down gearing

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