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Tackle Tuesday - Shimano Beastmaster XB 10000 Big Pit Reel

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Tackle Tuesday - Shimano Beastmaster XB 10000 Big Pit Reel

If you're a carp angler who wants a reel you can rely on for some holiday sea fishing, or a surf angler who's been talked in to heading out with friends on a carp campaign, the Shimano Beastmaster XB 10000 is a beast of a reel, and offers the practical appeal of being able to handle the demands of both surf angling and dynamic carp fishing. If your angling is all about distance casts and epic battles, then the Beastmaster is the only reel you'll ever need to own.

Shimano Beastmaster XB 10000 Big Pit Reel

Solid and stylish, this is a reel you can rely on for top quality performance in all your heavy duty angling work. Whether you're carp fishing for large specimens at range, or you're a sea angler whi needs a reel that will take their casts out further and faster, with effortless retrieve once you've hooked into a good fish, then the Beastmaster from Shimano is truly the best choice you can make, and the perfect partner for all your angling ambitions.


Featuring a 4:6:1 gear ratio and instant drag, this is a reel that offers a smooth, fast flow of line, and readily retrieves 100cm on each turn, giving you the power you need to bring those larger fish in quickly, cleanly, and safely, and keeping you in complete control.

With an XT-7 aluminium body and aluminium handle, this big pit reel is designed for performance durability, and built to last. Aerowrap oscillation ensures accurate presentation and perfect line lay, creating an unobtrusive profile that won't spook passing fish, and that ensures your bait ends up just where you need it, every time.

Styled with a subtle matte black finish, this powerhouse of a reel matches almost any rod on the market, giving you the freedom and flexibility to create the set up you need, and get the look you want.

Backed by the power of a name that's known for performance-ready, quality fishing tackle, the Shimano Beastmaster XB 10000 is a dynamic reel that promises enhanced performance, and offers plenty of opportunity to succeed in a range of angling scenarios. Whether it's carp or cod you're after, this is the reel you can rely on.

Key Features

- Aerowrap oscillation - 4:6:1 gearing - 100cm retrieve - 400m of 0.35mm line per spool - Great for distance surf or carp angling - Big pit reel

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